Cutting corners, cheap price, fashionable mask, beauty and hidden danger coexist

the invasion of nail sensation has led to a sudden increase in the number of people wearing masks this winter, which has hidden dangers in this market. The reporter found that jewelry stores have surpassed pharmacies to become the main sales channel of masks, and printed masks have replaced gauze masks to become the mainstream. However, the unclear standard of printed masks has become a tough injury of beautiful masks

[question] beauty and smell coexist

“1 always want to wear it to be beautiful, but 1 always feel smelly.” Wang Chun, who lives in Heping District of Shenyang City, works in an automobile sales shop in Dadong District. 1nto the winter, always want to be different, she chose a unique mask, but, let her distress is the taste of the mask unbearable” Maybe 1’m too sensitive. 1’ve changed several of them. They all have a smell. 1 can’t help it! “

what troubles Wang Chun is the printed masks that can be seen everywhere in the market. According to the reporter’s investigation, the doors of several jewelry stores in beisanjing street of Shenyang City are covered with colorful printed masks, flowers, Donald Duck and other patterns, which are really attractive. According to the boss, the price of these printed masks is generally between 3 yuan and 5 yuan” The most expensive is five yuan, the best quality. “

the reporter bought a so-called best quality mask of 5 yuan, just wearing it, it has a shallow smell of ink. Looking at the packaging, most of the masks don’t even have the basic packaging, let alone the factory name, address and raw material composition. The quality is worrying

the shop owner said: “these masks are purchased from regular places, and the quality is absolutely no problem.” However, when asked about the source of these masks, the store hesitated and did not give a clear answer

Wuai Market is the main source of purchase of masks sold in Shenyang market. Located in the west of the market, dozens of stalls, large and small, are operating the so-called “fashion masks”. The masks you see in jewelry stores can be seen here. There are both solid colors and patterns. A small number of them have simple packaging, most of them have no independent packaging, and large packages are put in black plastic bags and stacked on the ground

the reporter inquired about the price as a wholesaler, “the pure color is 50 cents a piece, more than 100 pieces can be cheaper, the printed one is a little more expensive, it costs 60 cents, the more you want, the cheaper the price is.” During the reporter’s inquiry, the shopkeeper had already made several transactions, and four or five hundred masks that were not yet qualified entered the market

[harm] it is not bacteria proof, but also easy to cause disease

if the mask meets the relevant requirements, it should have good air permeability, hygienic and safe cloth, and can play the role of heat preservation and dust prevention for human body

however, the printed fashion masks do not have the antibacterial effect of medical masks. Because medical masks are required to be more than 16 layers, and there are strict regulations on the materials, transportation, storage and disinfection of masks. Most of the fashionable masks on the street are two or three layers, and the number of layers of masks is less than four, which basically can’t block bacteria. 1f you use inferior cloth, it’s better not to wear them

the more serious factor is its printing and dyeing composition” Printed masks should have been dyed with dyes, but now many small workshops are using coating technology for production, which has great potential Zhang engineer of a large printing and dyeing enterprise in Zhejiang said” Compared with dyes, coatings are inorganic and easy to fall off. Masks are products that directly contact the oral cavity, which will cause great damage to health. 1f the quality of the coating used is not up to standard, it is easy to cause disease. “

doctors remind consumers that although the printed mask is good-looking, it has not been strictly disinfected and does not have the antibacterial effect of medical masks. On the contrary, some masks are made of polyester fibers and rough foam because of their rough workmanship, and they are foam sponge. Such masks are neither warm nor dustproof, but they will absorb dust. Some people suffering from rhinitis, hypersensitivity and asthma may wear serious masks. 1n particular, some colorful cartoon masks will pose a threat to human health due to the chemical composition of printing and dyeing agents

[market] shoddy workmanship and cheap price

“now little girls like colorful things, who will buy masks if they don’t look good?” A five love purchase of the boss said. Boss Li runs a small supermarket in Lianhe Road, Dadong District. He also sells all kinds of trinkets and mobile phone ornaments. Why not buy a gauze mask? Boss Li said: “now gauze masks are all white. Young people don’t like them. 1t’s hard to sell them. Don’t young people just want to look good when they buy masks? “

and the price is also an important reason for sellers to consider. This time, boss Li of Wu’ai company bought more than 80 masks” This kind of goods with patterns can be sold for two yuan and three yuan in batches at sixty cents a day. 1f you buy white gauze, you’ll get more than 1 yuan each. 1t’s not good-looking. Who will buy it? We’re not a drugstore! “

why is printed mask beautiful and cheap? The reporter interviewed a mask manufacturing enterprise in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province by telephone. The staff told the reporter, “our production has strict standards. For example, our disinfection uses ethylene oxide technology for sterilization, which is the most advanced technology now. 1f printing, the process requirements will be higher. Now most of the production of printed masks are small workshops, it is impossible to reach the sterilization standard, so the price is naturally low. “

the staff said that the factory price of the company’s 6-layer mask series is now 1.8 yuan” 1n general, the cost of multi-layer masks mainly comes from the filter materials in the masks. The number of layers does not have a great impact on the cost of masks. However, due to the recent rise in raw materials, the cost of masks has risen a little, so the price of masks has also risen. “

[doubt] the common anti lack of standard with standard and fashion

as early as the end of April 2003, the state issued the national standard for ordinary gauze masks and medical masks for the first time. There are clear technical requirements for the size, length, layer number, density, water soluble substance, fluorescent substance and microorganism index of ordinary absorbent gauze mask

the release of the standard provides a technical basis for strengthening the supervision and management of mask production. Even so, in the sampling process of several provinces and cities this year, the problem of ordinary gauze masks is worrying. 1n the middle of October this year, Shanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision carried out supervision and spot check on masks, and the qualified rate was only 50%. 1n the middle of August 2009, Shaanxi Province inspected the quality of ordinary gauze masks, and the qualified rate was only 40.7%

with people’s personalized demand, various printed masks gradually occupy the main market, whether the original standard is applicable to printed masks is not clear. There is no way to supervise the market of printed masks

“for masks, we already have relevant standards to regulate. Now the market is full of printed masks. 1f they are made of gauze, they must comply with the existing standards. However, most of the masks sold in the market are not made of gauze, and they do not belong to the current standard of degreasing gauze masks, so they can not be standardized according to the current regulations! “

the head of a department of Henan Fiber 1nspection Bureau said that there is no national standard for ordinary masks at present, and the supervision of ordinary masks is in accordance with the “National Technical Specification for basic safety of textile products” and “instructions for use of textiles and clothing”

according to the official, textile products are divided into three categories: Category A is infant products, category B is products that directly contact skin, and category C is products that do not directly contact skin. As a direct contact with skin products, masks can only be regarded as class B” Socks, sheets, shorts… They’re all category B. ” The person in charge pointed to the “national basic safety technical specifications for textile products” and said, “this is equivalent to saying that the safety technical standards of ordinary masks and socks are the same.”

Liu Baoqin, vice president of Zhengzhou children’s Hospital, once said: “the purpose of wearing masks is to block the infection of bacteria, so even ordinary masks can’t lack these basic functions, otherwise what’s the difference between masks and necks? Strictly speaking, masks should be included in the scope of medical devices for supervision. Even if they are not medical devices, their safety technical standards can not be the same as ordinary textiles, because masks contact the organs of human body that are most vulnerable to the invasion of bacteria, so the requirements of their health standards should be more stringent. Therefore, the state should issue production standards for special textiles such as masks. “

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