Da’ai Qingchen and high school volunteers donated more than 1000 dust masks to Taiyuan sanitation workers (photo)

Shanxi work area, China’s first “Da Ai Qing Chen” public welfare fund specially designed to help farmers with pneumoconiosis, joined hands with Taiyuan air quality testing alliance and Taiyuan Environmental Sanitation Bureau on the 4th to donate (1200) professional dust masks to front-line environmental sanitation workers in Taiyuan, and at the same time to carry out public welfare publicity of pneumoconiosis

da’ai Qingchen fund is the first public welfare fund in China to specifically treat pneumoconiosis farmers, which was jointly launched by Wang Keqin and China Social Assistance Foundation on June 15, 2011. 1n March 2012, it became an independent fund with the approval of China Social Assistance Foundation

this activity was initiated by da’ai Qingchen Shanxi work area and participated by Taiyuan youth air quality monitoring alliance. The alliance is composed of students from seven key high schools in the city. 1t is committed to protecting the urban environment, haze detection, and caring for the health of sanitation workers and other outdoor workers. Jiang Taoyu, the leader of the alliance, said that middle school students should have such responsibility and obligation to contribute to the protection of the environment

the dust masks donated in this activity were provided by Taiyuan youth air quality monitoring alliance and Shanxi Branch of Taiping Life 1nsurance Company. The person in charge of the company who attended the activity said: “we hope to convey love, warm” urban beauticians “through such activities, and appeal to more people to pay attention to environmental protection, which is our wish and goal all the time.”

“da’ai Qingchen Shanxi District has been established for three years, and we have also carried out donation activities for dust masks to sanitation workers for three consecutive years. As a special public welfare fund for farmers concerned about respiratory health and pneumoconiosis, we are well aware of the harm of long-term exposure to high dust working environment on the body, and the harm to sanitation workers, traffic police, workers and workers 1t is very necessary for migrant workers and other workers in dust environment to wear masks and other protective equipment. Through our activities, we hope to arouse the attention and support of the whole society for workers in dust related industries and pneumoconiosis farmers with poor working environment. ” Cao Yong, director of DAA1 Qingchen Shanxi work area, told reporters

da’ai Qingchen fund was officially established in Shanxi work area on April 9, 2014. 1t has been more than three years since it launched the public welfare special assistance for migrant workers with pneumoconiosis in Shanxi, a severe pneumoconiosis disaster area. Cao Yong, director of the work area, told reporters that they have carried out 23 first-line visits in Taiyuan, Xinzhou, Changzhi, Jincheng, Yuncheng, Luliang, Yangquan and Jinzhong, Shanxi Province. They visited 161 pneumoconiosis farmers, implemented medical assistance for 9 people, medical aid for 49 people, and da’ai assisted 28 people. A total of 73000 yuan of grants were granted, and da’ai assisted 170 people

in addition, da’ai Qingchen Shanxi work area also issued a call to the people who love public welfare undertakings in Shanxi Province to look for the brothers of migrant workers with pneumoconiosis in Shanxi Province: migrant workers who have no labor contract, no occupational disease identification certificate, and have not yet obtained the national occupational disease medical insurance and subsidies, rural residents of Shanxi Province, And pneumoconiosis patients with family difficulties can apply for da’ai Qingchen fund. Patients with pneumoconiosis in need can call 0351-2834460

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