Dainese tests inflatable protective clothing in the workplace

According to foreign media reports, d-air Laboratory of Dainese group has recently developed an inflatable protective jacket to protect workers from falling from height. Researchers are currently testing the jacket, called safety jacket, at a power station. The jacket is based on d-air technology already used in motorcycles and ski suits

d-air lab and bolognas Universit à Alma mater studio and polyclinico di santorsola Malpighi jointly developed this new d-air security technology. The jacket consists of two parts – Electronic and pneumatic. The electronic system has three accelerometers and three gyroscopes, which send data to a computer running complex algorithms

in the event of an accident, if the aerial worker starts to fall, the pneumatic part of the system will be activated, and the inflatable airbag will be placed around the body of the worker to provide “the maximum protection for the body parts exposed to trauma in the case of falling from a height of more than 2 meters, which does not require the use of seat belts.”

Dainese said that the system can also prevent the “pendulum effect” on workers working in places more than 2 meters, who need to wear seat belts

the safety jacket prototype is currently being field tested at Enel power station

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