Dalian 1nstitute of technology invents efficient haze mask

Under the guidance of Guo Fei, Professor of energy and Power College of Dalian University of technology, the undergraduate innovation team carried out the research on “anti haze application of electrospun fiber membrane”. The project was recently rated as a national outstanding achievement

it is understood that the project will use the polyacrylonitrile fiber membrane and polyvinylidene fluoride fiber membrane prepared by electrospinning technology to make the anti haze mask filter element, which improves the anti haze effect of the mask and improves the comfort of use

after testing, the anti haze mask made of electrospun fiber membrane filter element has nearly 100% filtration efficiency for PM2.5 and 99% filtration efficiency for air suspended particles with diameter of 0.3 μ M. However, such high filtration efficiency does not increase the respiratory burden. The pressure drop of the mask with this type of filter element is less than the respiratory resistance of human, and does not affect the smoothness of breathing. Moreover, due to the high porosity of the electrospun fiber membrane, the exhaled gas will not accumulate in the mask for a long time, which improves the comfort of use< At the same time, compared with the existing masks in the market, the new masks have a longer service life. 1t can be used continuously for 15 days according to 2 hours per day and has great market potential

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