Daoming optics: set standards for reflective materials “made in Zhejiang”

1n the colorful reflective world, the assets have increased 2500 times in the past 14 years. Daoming optics: set the standard for reflective materials “made in Zhejiang”, dream and serious, these two things are always worthy of respect< Daoming optics was founded in June 2002. When the company was founded, the fixed assets were only more than 600000 yuan, the plant rental area was more than 1000 square meters, and 36 employees. 1n 2015, Daoming optics paid 44 million yuan of state tax, ranking 13th in the top 100 tax payers in Yongkang City, with total assets exceeding 1.5 billion yuan and net assets approaching 1.4 billion yuan. Compared with the first year of the founding of Daoming, the company's asset scale has expanded 2500 times in more than ten years create a colorful reflective world. 1n people’s impression, reflective materials, signs on the road and reflective clothing on special workers may not be close to our life. 1n recent years, with the enhancement of safety awareness, people pay more attention to their own safety in daily travel, life and entertainment. Reflective elements have been widely used by design masters in the fashion circle, and the reflective world has long been colorful” MOSCH1NO released the autumn and winter 2015 Series in Milan fashion week, which uses a lot of reflective materials. The reflective fabrics produced by our company are amazing in terms of washing times and fashion. ” Said Huang Meimei, an employee of Daoming optics in the product exhibition hall, Guangyun takes out her mobile phone, turns on the flash and takes a picture. The original grey and black sports shoes become colorful in the photos, which is amazing. 1n addition to clothing and shoes, there are colorful trademark samples, gorgeous umbrellas and other daily necessities in the sample room. Without exception, these products are all made of reflective materials of dawn optics. At night, under the illumination of light, they will reflect light and play a very good role in protecting users “at present, the first-line luxury clothing brands in the world have purchased our products, which proves that the quality of our products is very reliable from one side.” Huang Meimei said. At present, the products of Daoming optics have covered the field of traffic safety protection and personal safety protection, and can produce more than 10 series and more than 100 varieties launched the strict standard of “made in Zhejiang” micro prism reflective film. This product is a hall level product of reflective materials representing the most high-end in China, which we spent ten years, invested huge manpower and material resources, introduced international advanced equipment and combined with independent research and development Huang Meimei is proud to say that in the past, China could only rely on imports of micro prism reflective film, but now the products of Daoming optics are comparable to those of 3M and other foreign companies. Recently, the standard of “micro prism reflective film” developed by Daoming optics has just been published as the standard of “made in Zhejiang”. According to the review experts, Daoming optics has reclassified the micro prism reflective film, added various higher technical requirements, environmental protection requirements for raw materials, product quality assurance, etc., representing the commitment of an enterprise to the society and consumers, and the technical performance indicators of micro prism reflective film in specific application fields, Based on the existing domestic standards and international standards, it is the standard of the leader the expert group also believes that the comprehensive performance of the “micro prism type reflective film” of Daoming optics has reached the first-class domestic and international level. The standard is conducive to improving the technical level of micro prism reflective film industry and enhancing the brand image of “made in Zhejiang”. 1t is understood that before, China’s micro prism reflective film was mainly monopolized by “3M” and other three US funded enterprises, of which two were the world’s top 500 and one was the US top 500. Daoming optics has become the first company in China and the fourth in the world with R & D and production capacity” The company’s annual production capacity of micro prism reflective film can reach 10 million square meters, which will completely break the foreign monopoly. ” Said Hu Zhibiao, chairman of Daoming optics Co., Ltd. Our company can produce micro prism reflective film, in addition to relying on our strong technical force, mainly relying on the company’s high investment in high-end equipment, as well as the internal training and external introduction of talents Hu Zhibiao, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, can insist on this for several years in order to buy the high-end foreign equipment he likes. At the beginning of the establishment of “Dao Ming” company, Hu Zhibiao put the most important energy on the factory operation. 1n March 2003, the company added four new production lines of reflective cloth, which realized sales revenue of 51.9 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17 times, and realized profits and taxes of 4.27 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12 times. 1n 2004, the company invested 10 million yuan in technical transformation, and added four new production lines. The year-end industrial output value exceeded 100 million yuan, doubled the output value, and realized profits and taxes exceeding 10 million yuan. 1n 2005, the company invested nearly 4 million yuan in new product R & D and more than 10 million yuan in equipment transformation. 1n that year, we developed two domestic leading high-tech products, namely “one-time molding flame retardant reflective label belt” and “reflective anti-counterfeiting label”, which filled the domestic technology gap at that time. Soon, the company became the benchmark of the same industry. On November 22, 2007, Dao Ming optics Co., Ltd. was incorporated. 1n 2008, with the financial crisis sweeping the world, Daoming optics achieved sales revenue of 250 million yuan, self export of 24.85 million US dollars and tax of 19.75 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 100%. 1n 2010, Daoming optical invested more than 600 million in the construction of Zhejiang Longyou Daoming Optical Co., Ltd” The establishment of “Longyou Daoming” has laid the foundation for Daoming optics to become the largest production and R & D base of reflective materials in China, and the only engineering technology center of reflective materials in China. At the same time, the company has also established the most advanced and largest R & D center of reflective materials in China “there was a time when many people saw that reflective materials made a lot of profits, and they returned to this industry one after another. After two years, those enterprises changed their careers one after another, because reflective materials really need solid technical ability. At present, there are only six countries in the world that can make reflective materials, so we can imagine how high the technical content of reflective materials is.” Huang Meimei said that since 2009, there has been a nationwide boom in real estate speculation. Many entrepreneurs in Yongkang have set foot in real estate and other businesses, but Daoming optics has been focusing on the development of enterprises. 1n November 2011, through the review of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Daoming optics successfully issued new shares to raise 600 million yuan, and listed on the SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the only domestic listed company of reflective materials, laying a leading position in the reflective materials industry in China and even in Asia(Author: Pan zhouqing)

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