Daqing’s first non governmental public welfare water emergency rescue team established

On June 26, the city blue sky water emergency rescue team was officially established, and the simulated water rescue drill was carried out on that day. This is the first non-governmental public welfare water emergency rescue team in Daqing City, which is subordinate to Daqing Red Cross Blue Sky rescue team. Under the guidance and coordination of the city emergency office and the city water search and rescue command center, it can timely and effectively deal with water emergencies, not only strengthen the city’s water search and rescue ability, but also further improve the city’s water search and rescue system

there are many rivers, lakes and wetlands in the administrative area of our city. 1n recent years, Lake area tourism and wetland tourism are gradually rising, the types of ships and water entertainment facilities are increasing, and the probability of water accidents and dangerous situations is also increasing. According to incomplete statistics of relevant departments, nearly 10 drowning accidents and vehicle falling accidents occur in our city every year, and the lack of professional water rescue team greatly increases the probability of danger

Daqing Red Cross Blue Sky rescue team is the first non-governmental public welfare rescue team in Daqing. 1n 2009, the rescue team set up a water team. After several years of professional learning and practical rescue, the water team has developed a set of relatively perfect water rescue technology for Daqing water rescue, which can serve the masses in Daqing and surrounding areas professionally. Once people need help in dangerous situations, they can call 110 to call the police and the rescue team’s 24-hour hotline 13091419958 for help at the same time. Rescue team members will arrange nearby rescue

in the near future, the rescue team will organize personnel to go to communities, schools, factories and mines to conduct water safety knowledge training for the public, so as to ensure that the public can take timely and correct rescue measures in case of emergency

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