decipher the spaceman work clothes

Recently, the “Shenzhou 11” manned spacecraft was launched and docked with the “Tiangong 2” space laboratory. Astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, who are on the mission, have attracted worldwide attention in their words and deeds in the spacecraft. As senior workers in the work clothes industry, they are immediately attracted by the wearing of astronauts. This is the first appearance of a series of professional suits for astronauts. Let’s talk about those things about space man-made suits and uncover the mystery of space suits

this time, the first one to be displayed is the autumn and winter work clothes. The main color is blue. With the addition of outer space elements, the clothes look more three-dimensional and full. 1t is said that in addition to the aesthetic needs, the display effect of photography and video shooting in the cabin light environment should also be considered. The blue “V” pattern on the chest signifies the success of the mission. On the right chest are the symbols and name plates of the astronauts, and on the left chest are the national flag and the badge of the executed mission

in addition to the aesthetic design of appearance, the design of aviation work clothes emphasizes more on functionality and comfort. After repeated tests, the R & D team finally selected medium thick wool fabric as the fabric of autumn and winter spacesuit, which can achieve excellent thermal retention and good wrinkle recovery. 1n the design of aviation sportswear, the loose degree of hem, cuff and trouser opening can be adjusted, the sleeve and trouser leg can be disassembled and combined, and the special knitted fabric used has good heat and moisture transfer, contact comfort, sanitation and cleaning performance

the importance of fabrics is self-evident, but the requirements for quality of spacesuits are higher. 1f the weight error of each garment is more than 1 gram, it is unqualified. 1f the size error of special parts is more than 2 mm, it needs to be reworked. Put it on yourself to simulate the technical performance of special clothing under weightlessness conditions. Meticulous quality assurance can protect the body of astronauts, Adjust physiological reaction and psychological feeling

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