Deepening technological transformation of textile industry in Anhui Province

the textile industry, one of the nine major industries in Anhui Province, focuses on the goal of adjustment and revitalization, further uses high-tech transformation to upgrade traditional industries, and promotes structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. 1n the first half of the year, the industrial added value of the whole industry reached 8.874 billion yuan and the sales revenue was 29.617 billion yuan, up 31.22% and 51.39% respectively over the same period last year

Anhui Province is a large agricultural province. The textile industry has always been a traditional pillar industry and an important livelihood industry, involving the interests of nearly 500000 workers and 3 million farmers, and plays an important role in the export of foreign exchange and employment. Last year, after our province formulated the plan for the structural adjustment and revitalization of the textile industry, this year we formulated an implementation plan to comprehensively promote the transformation of the mode of economic development from the reality of expanding domestic demand, solving people’s livelihood, ensuring employment and increasing income

guided by the national industrial policy, Anhui province promotes the technological transformation of cotton spinning, printing and dyeing, wool spinning, knitting, home textile and other industries around the key products of the textile industry, so as to improve the structure and level of the textile industry. Last year, 96 technological transformation projects were completed with a total investment of 9.43 billion yuan; This year, 128 technological transformation projects were implemented, with a total investment of 10.05 billion yuan; 1n 2011, there were 136 technological transformation projects with a total investment of 10.72 billion yuan. Among them, 100 key enterprises have implemented 100 technological transformation projects, with a total investment of 16.07 billion yuan. Through speeding up the implementation of a number of technical transformation projects such as Tongling textile and garment city company and Wuhu Shanshan xinmingda Co., Ltd., a number of backbone enterprises with strong international competitiveness have been formed

Anhui Province has increased investment in scientific and technological innovation, and accelerated the establishment and improvement of an independent innovation system with market orientation, enterprises as the main body, products as the core, scientific research institutes as the support, and the combination of industry, University and research. 1n 2009, 8 projects have been completed with a total investment of 160 million yuan; 1n 2010, 9 projects will be completed with a total investment of 220 million yuan; 1n 2011, 7 projects will be completed with a total investment of 420 million yuan. 45 provincial new products were confirmed in three years: 14 in 2009, 15 in 2010 and 16 in 2011

when Anhui province strengthens the adjustment of industrial structure, it should speed up the elimination of backward production capacity that does not conform to the national industrial policy, and realize the task of energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry. The cotton spinning industry will focus on eliminating all spinning and weaving equipment with “1” prefix produced before the founding of the people’s Republic of China, as well as A512 and A513 series spinning frames; The backward equipment such as B250 worsted machine and H212 loom will be eliminated; The printing and dyeing industry will focus on eliminating the backward production process equipment such as 74 type dyeing and finishing line and flat screen printing machine. At the same time, the whole industry around the structural adjustment and industrial optimization and upgrading, focus on the implementation of “five modernizations”: to “fine” to accelerate the upgrading of the cotton textile industry; To promote the development of clothing, shoes and hats with “branding” in full; To cultivate industrial textile enterprises with “characteristics” and make them bigger; To support the growth of household textile enterprises with “matching”; To promote the industrial scale by “clustering”

aiming at the problems of poor product innovation ability, lack of independent brand and low added value of brand, Anhui Province has put the enterprise brand construction in a more prominent position and realized the leap from processing and manufacturing to brand creation. First, with the backbone enterprises as the main body, we should create a number of Chinese famous brands, cultivate a number of provincial famous brands, and form a brand group of textile products in our province; Second, promote powerful enterprises to acquire brands through various forms, and cultivate and develop a number of brand products, brand enterprises and brand bases with high popularity, high market share and strong competitiveness; Third, promote the market competitiveness of textile products by brand. With brand building, improve the level of product development, quality management and market development of key enterprises, break the pattern of homogeneous and disordered competition, and strive to improve the quality of textile products and market image of our province

Author: Zhang Shuxi

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