Dengsheng gloves develop hand in hand with you

the name of “Dengsheng labor protection gloves” is no stranger to consumers. 1t has been active in transportation, mining, jewelry processing, large-scale outdoor operation and other fields for a long time

over the years, based on the recognition and support of many professionals in the industry, Dengsheng labor protection gloves have made great development, not only expanding the original product categories, but also making great achievements in technology research and development

the thermal products in classic products can protect your hands warm and comfortable, and reduce injury; Antiskid products can effectively reduce the risk factor in the operation process; Wear resistant products can resist acid, alkali and wear, prolong service life; Breathable products can give your hands fresh air flow, reduce the discomfort caused by covering your hands; Anti cutting products can bear the damage in your hands, and create a safe working environment

among the newly developed products, nbr-2 gloves have greatly improved the wear resistance; The second generation latex gloves are more green and safe, which completely solves the problem of “back frost”; Frosted gloves strengthen the acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, more practical and beautiful. New products, new feelings, Dengsheng has been pursuing the maximum degree of service to customers, so that customers get new, comfortable, intimate protection

Dengsheng always takes protecting the hands of customers as its business goal. The products are safe, reliable, intimate and humanized, and the design is exquisite and perfect; At the same time, they are not satisfied with their achievements and continue to develop and research new products. Therefore, they have been strongly supported and recognized by many new and old customers and consumers

it is precisely because of the long-term trust and affirmation of consumers that Dengsheng can continue to develop in the labor protection glove industry. Only in this way can we let our climbing gloves go out of the country and go to the world, let people all over the world use the climbing gloves and enjoy the warm protection brought by the climbing protective gloves

please continue to believe in ascend, let ascend go to the next peak with you, and create a safer and more comfortable working environment for your hands

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