Denim is favored

in recent days, the number of new denim varieties on the market in China Textile City has increased, the number of interested customers has sprung up everywhere, and the number of samples or batches with orders has been increasing

cotton “denim”, polyester cotton interwoven “denim”, cotton elastic “denim” and polyester cotton elastic “denim” are generally available in the market, with a small number of domestic demand transactions and a large number of intention orders; 1n particular, orders from European or foreign trade middlemen are looking for sources everywhere. For example, 10s + 8s × 8s cotton denim, 10s × 10s cotton denim, 12s × 16S + 40d cotton elastic “denim”, 16S cotton × 150dty package, 40 ammonia package silk weft elastic “denim” and 12S × 250D polyester and cotton interwoven “denim” are all adopted at the end of the month. However, due to the large amount of money for “denim”, many professional distributors have an appropriate amount of cash, but the output is difficult to keep up

in addition to the sporadic price increase of denim, the asking price of some batches remains at the early stage. Recently, the price of counterpart varieties has increased by 0.20-0.30 yuan / meter, which is still in the acceptable range, but there is no lack of false price to scare off customers

Author: Miao Zhian

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