Design and development of multifunctional protective clothing

With the development of economy and society, the quantity and quality of fire have changed. 1t is not uncommon for a fire to destroy dozens, hundreds of lives, hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of yuan of property losses. 1n particular, malignant fire accidents of special types of work are still serious, with more than 10 deaths or more than 20 deaths or serious injuries in a single fire, and more than 10 fires occur every year in China. Therefore, to strengthen the labor protection for workers of special types of work, we should start from the design, research and development and performance evaluation of protective clothing

recently, the project of “multifunctional design, research and development and performance evaluation of protective clothing” jointly completed by Donghua University and Shenzhen youputai Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. won the second prize of 2013 “light of textile” science and technology award. The project carried out the multifunctional design, research and development and performance evaluation of protective clothing. The protective clothing has the characteristics of fire prevention and heat insulation, waterproof and breathable 1t has many functions, such as anti-virus and anti-bacterial, and is suitable for the individual protection needs of emergency rescue such as disaster emergency scene< 1t is understood that the general protective clothing is flame retardant protective clothing processed with intrinsic flame retardant fiber. The essential flame retardant fiber represented by meta aramid fiber has natural flame retardancy due to its special chemical structure. 1t is difficult to burn in the air. After the fire source is removed, it will extinguish itself immediately. Moreover, the burning part will carbonize rapidly to form an insulating protective layer without melting, dripping or piercing, which can effectively reduce or avoid burns, Poor comfort and functionality according to Li Jun, director of Department of fashion design and engineering, Donghua University, the leader of the project, “research and development of multi-functional design and performance evaluation of protective clothing” project first proposed the theoretical model of functional design of protective clothing, established the protection mode of “layered heat insulation, multiple protection and function aggregation”, and achieved the goal of integrated protection of multiple hazard factors. The thermal protection performance TPP combined with the total heat dissipation THL was used for the comprehensive design of fabric system performance. At the same time, the two-step optimization technology is developed to build a composite fabric system composed of outer waterproof and breathable layer, thermal insulation layer and comfort layer; The flame retardant outer layer and heat insulation layer were developed with polysulfonamide fiber; The “three in one” technology is developed, and the water-proof, breathable, anti-virus and anti-bacterial fabric with sandwich structure is developed; The four-dimensional structure design method is proposed to carry out the innovative design of protective clothing with adaptability to work activities< According to Li Jun, the project has developed characterization technology for comprehensive evaluation of various physical and chemical properties and comfort ergonomics of protective fabric system, and explored and established a systematic and scientific evaluation system and method for protective clothing from fabric performance to overall performance. Through the development of thermal protection performance test device to simulate the tensile deformation of micro space fabric under clothing, the evolution law of comprehensive performance of multi-layer fabric system was revealed; Research and development of fabric high temperature liquid scald protection performance evaluation device, achieved the theoretical research results of fabric and clothing in high temperature liquid penetration protection. At the same time, Donghua fireman, an advanced evaluation system for thermal protection performance of flaming dummies in fire field, is used as a substitute of biological human body to realize quantitative prediction of human skin burn location and degree in simulated fire field, and to objectively evaluate the overall thermal protection performance of protective clothing, fire protective clothing, thermal protective clothing and other clothing< 1t is understood that "Donghua flaming man" is the first flaming dummy in China. 1n the high-risk environment of fire, excellent protective equipment can effectively reduce the damage to firefighters and escapees. 1n the past, the fabric burning experiment was generally used in the test, but the experiment could not reflect the actual effect on the human body, so it was easy to cause insufficient protection in use. 1n order to better understand the effect of protective clothing, the combustion dummy is used to simulate the fire environment" "Donghua fireman" laboratory is the first human body protective equipment burning laboratory in the world. At the same time, the dummy fully simulates the body structure of Chinese people, can accurately sense the high temperature heat flow in different postures, and accurately report the degree of skin burn. 1n addition, its joints can be adjusted to simulate the human activities of firefighters. This will help researchers to further improve the clothing parts that are easy to pull and the parts that are easy to cause fabric gaps in rescue activities according to the physical characteristics of Chinese people. The research team of the laboratory will then analyze the data of the dummy after burning Hu Zuming, director of the chemical fiber Research 1nstitute of Donghua University, who is developing protective clothing fabrics, said that fabric research and development and combustion test are just like “attacking each other with their spear”. Through the gradually upgraded combustion test, researchers will design more scientific and reasonable thermal protection equipment to effectively curb the thermal damage caused by fire, battlefield and thermal radiation it is reported that the results of the project of “multi-functional design, research and development and performance evaluation of protective clothing” have been widely used in the production of flame retardant clothing, protective clothing, chemical protective clothing and other protective equipment products our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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