Design of new pattern sole flower for labor protection shoes

A good labor protection shoes, not only fashionable and good-looking, easy to clean, and sweat breathing, comfortable to wear. Of course, it’s not enough to just meet these requirements. 1f you go to the workshop wearing such labor protection shoes, either you fall down or the sole is damaged, then such labor protection shoes also fail and are not applicable. Therefore, under the premise of meeting some basic functions of the labor protection shoes, the sole flower design of the labor protection shoes is also very particular

the design of labor protection shoes is divided into many aspects, the first is the design of vamp, and the vamp design is mainly considering the comfort and popularity of shoes. Design a shoe, if no one likes, then this design can be said to be a failure. 1f the shoes are not comfortable to wear when they are shaped, it is obviously not OK. Therefore, when considering the design of a shoe, on the one hand, it is necessary to consider the fashionable and generous style, on the other hand, it is also necessary to consider that it will not be worn when selecting the material. 1n this regard, many of us should have some experience. When we buy a new pair of shoes, it is inevitable that we will wear them at the beginning. This is because the new shoes don’t fit. For our labor protection shoes, we should pay special attention to this aspect. Because the labor protection shoes are generally made of high-quality first skin or second skin, they are generally not thick, because they are relatively hard. 1f we don’t consider these when we design the material of the vamp, it will inevitably lead to uncomfortable wearing

for a good pair of labor protection shoes, the sole flower design is also a very important part. Because a good sole is not only good-looking, but also anti-skid, wear resistance is first-class. The designers of Zunshi shoes industry have a deep foundation in this aspect, and the sole flowers designed are generally outstanding in anti-skid performance. 1n terms of material selection, it is also based on the characteristics of different industries, using more wear-resistant, anti-skid materials, taking into account the characteristics of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance. So Zunshi safety shoes have been known for their stable and reliable quality. Of course, the times are changing, and people’s ideas and hobbies are constantly changing, which requires our designers to keep up with the pace of the times and design more soles that can not only meet the requirements of modern people, but also meet the requirements of various functions

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