Design principle and importance of last of labor protection shoes

Last is the matrix of labor protection shoes. 1t is the molding mold of labor protection shoes, also known as shoelace. Shoe last not only determines the shape and style of labor protection shoes, but also determines whether the shoes fit and protect the feet. Therefore, the shoe last design must be based on the foot shape, but it can not be the same as the foot shape, because the shape, size, stress and so on of the foot change in the static and moving state. 1n addition, the shoe variety, style, processing technology, raw and auxiliary material performance, wearing environment and conditions are also different. The shape and size of each part of the last of labor protection shoes can not be exactly the same as the foot shape. Therefore, modern labor protection shoe last design not only involves many disciplines, but also requires high manual skills and experience

1. design principle of last of labor protection shoes:

foot length is the basis for formulating shoe size, and also the basis for designing the bottom sample length of last of labor protection shoes. However, no matter which structure or style of last, its bottom length must be greater than the foot length. This is because:

1. the length of the foot is often affected by the climate and labor intensity. The change of foot length caused by climate change is generally 3-5mm. When people are engaged in heavy physical work or walking for a long time, foot length will also increase

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