Development of multifunctional intelligent mask by students of Zhejiang University

Recently, at the graduation exhibition of industrial design of Zhejiang University, a “fitting robot” developed by a student team can solve the problems of buying clothes on the 1nternet, such as inappropriate size, unsuitable clothes, and being afraid of trouble

first of all, the store will set up such a robot. 1f you have a fancy to a dress, report your circumference to the store. After the data is input into the computer, the “fitting robot” will transform into a person of the same size as you. The store will put your selected clothes on the robot, and then use high-definition photos and videos to show you the effect of the “robot” after wearing clothes. What about? 1t’s hard to think it’s not right

the design of the multi-functional mask is full of science fiction

the designer Tong said that the multi-functional mask has ion pipes inside, which can effectively purify the air and prevent dust. With smart phones, users can also know the surrounding PM2.5 value, their own respiratory rate, heart rate, etc

technology is more and more integrated into our lives, and many scenes that can only be seen in science fiction movies have been realized step by step. With the advent of the era of wearable devices, more labor protection products are also put on the coat of technology, becoming more practical and convenient

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