Development of special hanger for safety belt of disconnector by State Grid Changji power supply company

On April 16, the reporter learned from Changji power supply company of state grid that Bart studio of the company has successfully developed a special hanger for 35kV disconnector safety belt. The successful development of this kind of hanger for high hanging and low using safety belt in line with the new safety regulations adds a layer of “protective umbrella” for power maintenance personnel to carry out outdoor safety inspection

the relevant person in charge of State Grid Changji power supply company told the reporter that when the power maintenance personnel carry out the maintenance of 35kV Outdoor Disconnector, they must carry out the maintenance on the disconnector frame, but because there is no reliable safety belt hanging object on the frame, the maintenance personnel have to tie the safety belt on the porcelain bottle of the disconnector pillar or hang it on the frame for work, This not only leads to the inconvenience of movement during work, but also can not guarantee the personal safety of workers in case of accidental fall, and can cause the porcelain column to break or damage, which will cause serious injury to people and equipment

for this reason, Bart studio of State Grid Changji power supply company, combined with the field work experience, investigated and designed the size of 35kV disconnector equipment, carefully studied the spatial position of disconnector frame, and successfully developed a special hanger for 35kV disconnector safety belt, which solved the problem of high hanging and low using of safety belt, and provided standing area for staff, 1t is easy to turn around or transpose, and has the characteristics of good portability, simple operation, strong applicability, safety and reliability, which greatly reduces the risk factor of work

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