development of synthetic fiber sling in 2015

The industrial textile industry has a history of more than 100 years. Since the first synthetic fiber flat sling was successfully applied in the field of industrial hoisting in the United States in 1955, synthetic fiber sling has been widely used in the international developed countries for more than 50 years, and has been widely used in marine engineering, ships, ports, automobile manufacturing, mining metallurgy, electric power and petrochemical industry Military and other fields. According to the estimation of gherzi, an international textile industry consulting agency, the annual sales volume of global industrial textiles market in 2012 was about 22 million tons, with a market value of about US $160 billion. 1ndustrial textiles have been widely used in Europe, America and other developed countries and regions. The proportion of industrial textiles in the textile industry is more than 60% in Japan and Germany, and more than 40% in the United States. However, the proportion of industrial textiles in China has just reached 20%. With the sustained and stable development of China’s economy, the domestic industrial textile industry has entered a good development stage in recent years, and has been strongly supported by the relevant industrial policies of the 12th Five Year Plan. 1t has gradually become a new economic growth point for the development of the textile industry. According to the requirements of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of industrial textiles, the proportion of industrial textiles in the textile industry will increase from 20% to about 25% during the 12th Five Year Plan period. 1t is estimated that the output of industrial textiles will exceed 12.9 million tons by 2015. As an important industrial textile, synthetic fiber sling has kept pace with the whole industry and will face a broad development space at home and abroad in the future

with the rapid development of global offshore engineering and other industries, the synthetic fiber sling market will further develop. From the development in 2015, we can see that the synthetic fiber sling will definitely have a better development prospect in the future

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