Development prospect of flame retardant industry

just like the 6th China international work safety and occupational health exhibition held in Beijing from September 18 to 20, the performance of domestic flame retardant protection industry is remarkable, and the scale of the exhibition is small, but its overall strength contains great potential for the development of individual protection

at the exhibition site, there are safety information platform, various functional testers, equipment, clothing, shoes and hats. Facing the biennial exhibition, many domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors have said, “the scale of the exhibition is constantly expanding”, “the form is more international”, “the development is rapid, and it has a qualitative leap compared with the exhibition two years ago.” 1n terms of the textile field, the fiber, fabric, personal protective clothing, shoes, masks and other enterprises participating in this exhibition all reflect the development advantages of the future domestic flame retardant industry in different forms

set sail from the source

typical enterprise: Yantai Taihe new materials Co., Ltd.

characteristic products: Aramid 1313, aramid 1414

for the industry, the advantages of aramid as flame retardant fiber are self-evident, especially after Yantai Taihe new materials Co., Ltd. broke the international monopoly of aramid, 1n the domestic flame retardant industry set off a big wave. As one of the few high-tech fiber industry bases in China, Taihe company has strong independent R & D capability. The meta aramid fiber and para aramid fiber developed by Taihe company have made important contributions to promote the technological progress and industrial upgrading of related industries

the “taimeida” product of Taihe new material (Aramid 1313) has good thermal stability, flame retardancy, electrical insulation, chemical stability, radiation resistance and good mechanical processing performance, and is the representative variety of organic high temperature resistant fiber

as a reinforcing material, the company’s “tepron” product (aramid 1414) has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low density, low elongation at break, high modulus of elasticity, good corrosion resistance, etc., and it has the characteristics of low heat shrinkage, high toughness, good shear strength and fire resistance, which can be widely used in engineering construction, rubber products, optical fiber cable and other fields. As a protective material, tepron products are suitable for special fields such as stretch resistant, tear resistant, explosion-proof, puncture resistant and high temperature resistant, such as bulletproof clothing, cutting resistant gloves, high temperature resistant protective clothing, etc

typical enterprise: Jilin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

characteristic products: flame retardant viscose fiber

Jilin chemical fiber, an old large-scale pillar enterprise of chemical fiber, has attracted many professional audiences with its excellent characteristics of flame retardant viscose fiber. Baishan brand flame retardant viscose fiber of Jilin chemical fiber has good flame retardancy, softness, moisture absorption and drainage, air permeability and degradability, which belongs to environmental protection flame retardant fiber< According to Wang Shengyong, general manager of the company, the product uses natural plants as raw materials and uses pre spinning injection blending technology to add phosphorus flame retardant during production. The combination of flame retardant medium and fiber ensures permanent flame retardant protection. The product has the characteristics of flame retardant, heat insulation, non melting and dripping, and can be used in various fields of thermal protection textiles, safety clothing, decoration, etc it is worth mentioning that Jihua flame retardant viscose fiber has good dyeability, easy coloring of natural fiber, bright dyeing and good color fastness, which has laid a good foundation for its products to develop civil market< Typical enterprise: Wuxi Tianyi Textile Technology Co., Ltd. As the only professional zipper exhibitor in this exhibition, Tianyi Textile Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of personal protective clothing zippers. Naturally, its attention is not low, the booth is not large, and the flow of people is constant all the production equipment of the company are imported from Germany and Taiwan, China. The ty brand products, including resin flame retardant zippers, metal flame retardant zippers and various types of resin, nylon, invisible and metal zippers, have passed the BTTG test standard of UK and the tests of SGS and its international product quality organizations. typical enterprise: Jili Chemical Co., Ltd. special product: flame retardant dxl1212 color paste product as a special flame retardant for viscose fiber, dxl1212 is an efficient product for manufacturing flame retardant viscose fiber by blending, with high technical content and professional level, which is at the forefront of the flame retardant field of viscose fiber, The flame retardancy and application performance of the products have reached the level of similar foreign products. 1t is the only domestic product that can produce flame retardant viscose fiber by blending colored size is an important auxiliary material for viscose fiber production. The application of this product avoids the damage to human body caused by the use of fuel. On the one hand, it saves the dyeing and finishing process of finished fiber and fabric, which can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by the dyeing and finishing process; On the other hand, the colored size can be directly combined with cellulose in the fiber forming process, so that the product has high color fastness due to its good light, thermal stability and spinnability stability, the colored size has become another highlight of the buyer’s attention, and the prospect of the product has attracted much attention typical enterprise: Xihu Technology Co., Ltd. special products: personal protective fabrics Xihu technology is a professional company providing personal protection solutions from Hong Kong. The company is committed to providing professional flame retardant protective fabric solutions for petroleum industry, metal industry, electric power industry, fire protection, military and police and other fields as an important partner of Taihe new material aramid products and Lanjing thermal protection fiber in the Asia Pacific region, Xihu technology has developed a series of advanced flame retardant protective fabrics in the fields of arc protection, oil and gas, metal splashing, military and police training clothing, all of which have been tested by European and American standards in this exhibition, Xihu technology, relying on Taihe new materials and Lanjing group, exhibited a series of related products such as fabrics and clothing, and won high praise from customers Author: Tao Lulu

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