development trend of domestic safety shoes

Focus on their own brand building

nowadays, domestic safety shoes pay more and more attention to brand building. Brand effect is the most influential factor for enterprises, and safety shoes enterprises are no exception. 1t is no exaggeration to say that only the shoes enterprises with a loud brand can become the real king in the industry. Over the past decades, many safety footwear brands have emerged in China, and play a huge impact in the industry

it can be seen that today, with the globalization of trade, success or failure has been determined by quality, price and brand, shoe manufacturers should adjust their marketing mode through the changes of the situation. To build our own brand is striking, so it seems that this decision is imperative. Shoe manufacturers should not only focus on scientific research, but also understand the market situation and consumers’ pursuit of shoe products. They should abandon the traditional sales outlets and open up new models, such as expanding the sales range of products, selling all kinds of products from a single shoe, such as advertising with soft text, endorsements and word promotion. 1n fact, brand manufacturing is not just a superficial symbol, but also a qualitative change in product quality, technology upgrading, health and environmental protection. This mode will have to be crossed sooner or later

win the market with brand value

in the fierce market competition, it is still a good choice to win the market with brand value. Take the domestic old brand “Huili” as an example, Huili has been committed to winning the low-end market, and has been fighting for decades. With good reputation and good results, Huili has gradually become a leader in the low-end footwear market

obviously, in today’s era when resources are tight and competition turns to quality, China’s shoe enterprises need to reshuffle more. They should focus on the enterprise’s business model, efficiency and product quality, rather than just stay in the price war and resource war. When an enterprise develops to a certain extent, how to set a new goal and how to go more healthily and continuously is a problem that every export shoe enterprise must think calmly

improving the quality is the fundamental to make our country become a powerful country in the footwear industry. Footwear products should not only meet the national standards, but also pay attention to comfort, beauty and safety. We should do more development under this research, so as not to let outsiders grasp us easily. 1 believe that after the reshuffle, those shoemaking enterprises with technological content and core competitiveness will stand out and become stronger and more competitive through integration

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