Diagnosis and treatment of pneumoconiosis

where to diagnose pneumoconiosis

according to the national regulations, the diagnosis of pneumoconiosis must be carried out in the medical and health institutions approved by the health administrative department of the people’s government at or above the provincial level. An employee may conduct pneumoconiosis diagnosis in the place where the employer is located or in the medical and health institutions where he / she lives and undertakes occupational disease diagnosis according to law

materials to be prepared for applying for pneumoconiosis diagnosis

when applying for occupational disease diagnosis, employees should submit an application, their own health damage certificate, and the occupational history certificate provided by the employer. The content of the occupational history certificate should be calculated from the time when the workers begin to work with dust, including the type of work, length of service, type of dust exposure, operation mode or characteristics, daily or monthly exposure time, continuous exposure to dust, environmental conditions of the workplace, dust prevention facilities and their effects, dust concentration detection data of the workplace over the years, etc

when the employer needs to provide relevant information on occupational health and health monitoring for the diagnosis and identification of pneumoconiosis, the employer shall provide it timely and truthfully, and the employees and relevant institutions shall also provide relevant information on the diagnosis and identification of occupational diseases. 1f an employee is unable to provide proof of his / her professional history, he / she may submit proof of labor relations as evidence. The proof of labor relations should be based on the labor contract, labor relations arbitration or court judgment and the materials admitted by the employer< When applying for occupational disease diagnosis, if the employer denies the labor relationship with the employee, the employee shall provide any of the following certificates for confirmation by the labor department, Occupational disease diagnosis institutions can be used as the basis for pneumoconiosis diagnosis: 1. Data that can prove the labor employment relationship, such as wage payment certificate or record (wage payment roster), records of various social insurance premiums paid, etc

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