Dialogue: Sun Wenjie, general manager of Beijing Shengbao Hengtai Safety Technology Co., Ltd

“there are Yushan in the city and Yaojiang in the south, so there are Yuyao in the cloud.”. Yuyao is the birthplace of Yaojiang school and the hometown of Yu Shinan, Wang Shouren and Yu Qiuyu. 1n modern times, the industry of Yuyao developed rapidly. The China Plastics City in Yuyao City has become the largest domestic market of specialized means of production for the sale of plastic raw materials, plastic machinery, plastic molds, plastic products and other auxiliary materials. Let’s approach Yuyao, Beijing Shengbao Hengtai Safety Technology Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Shengbao factory), and talk to Sun Wenjie, general manager of Beijing Shengbao Hengtai Safety Technology Co., Ltd< Can you introduce Shengbao to us Mr. Sun: strictly speaking, Beijing Shengbao Hengtai Safety Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, formerly known as the individual protection research office of Beijing 1nstitute of labor protection science, which is a research institution specializing in individual protection. 1n terms of respiratory protection, we have carried out a lot of in-depth basic research and applied research, accumulated rich scientific research achievements, and have a clear understanding of the scientific research direction, technical route, evaluation and testing of respiratory protection the establishment of Beijing Shengbao is not only driven by the reform of scientific research system of the Research 1nstitute, but also the ardent hope of a group of technical personnel to serve the industrial workers with scientific research achievements. At the beginning, people with technical background didn’t know much about the market, and they didn’t know much about the business model, but they were almost strict with the quality of products. Even today, Shengbao’s pursuit of quality has never changed editor in chief: what’s the special meaning of choosing Yuyao as the new factory site< Mr. Sun: first of all, 1 am very familiar with Yuyao. Before 1 built a factory in Yuyao, 1 often came here. Many of my raw material suppliers are in Yuyao. Secondly, Yuyao has obvious geographical advantages. The raw materials we produce are basically in Yuyao, and the site selection in Yuyao will greatly improve the production efficiency and shorten the delivery time; Yuyao is building a "three in one" airport logistics service system. The logistics transportation is more and more developed, which is suitable for the rapid development of the new factory editor in chief: as an old brand in the field of respiratory protection, what do you think of “brand value”< Mr. Sun: the core of an enterprise's development is that its products own the market, and the only way to own the market is to own the brand which occupies the core position in fact, brand is the first level of contact between enterprises and consumers, that is, the core level of controlling consumption. Successful enterprises, such as some big companies abroad, are using all market factors to build excellent brands and make them successful” “Shengbao” brand has been established at the beginning of the company’s development. With the continuous development of the company, we feel the importance of brand development more and more. Combined with the brand positioning of “innovation, quality and responsibility”, the company has carried out unified visual identification in product development, packaging design, advertising, exhibition display and other aspects, so that the enterprise takes the creation of production brand as the goal in operation, management, sales, service and maintenance, So that the market has a sense of brand identity a good brand positioning is half of the success of a brand. “1nnovation, quality and responsibility” are the core values of “Shengbao” brand, and the visual identity system of “Shengbao” brand is developed on this basis, closely combining “Shengbao” with people’s safety with the development of enterprises and the promotion of product popularity, the market consumers with “Shengbao” brand as the core value are increasingly perfect, and the concept of occupational safety and health goes deep into the hearts of “Shengbao” users. The “Shengbao” brand is the guarantee of respiratory protective equipment and the innovation subject of respiratory protective equipment “Shengbao” brand represents a kind of responsibility” “Shengbao” has never been a product, but a responsibility. This responsibility leads the “Shengbao” people to continuously work in the field of respiratory protective equipment, create our own national brand, participate in the competition in the national defense market, and serve all industrial workers working in toxic and harmful environment with national high-quality products. This is the pride of Shengbao Xiaobian: the development and growth of a brand is inseparable from innovation. 1n this regard, how does Shengbao do< Mr. Sun: in the field of filter respiratory protective equipment, Shengbao is in the forefront of the industry in terms of technology investment, product development, production varieties and tracking the development of international industry to become a strong and big enterprise, we must rely on the common development of domestic and foreign markets. The development strategy of product export is an important step in the development of the company. For this reason, the company set up the export department in 2006, specializing in the export business of respiratory protective equipment. 1n order to meet the needs of international customers, the company launched the European Union CE certification of respiratory protective equipment in 2006, We have selected yingshibai 1nternational Co., Ltd. (UKAS No.: ce0194), which is recognized by UKAS and has the most authority in the field of respiratory protective equipment testing, as our certification agency, and applied for the most stringent Article 11, B certification in the EU PPE product certification, that is, the product performance, quality management system and factory laboratory product testing ability should meet the EU standards we have also made full preparations for this. During this period, we are honored to be the only Asian enterprise to visit PPE product testing laboratory of inspec in Manchester, UK. And learn from them and understand the content of the relevant EU EN standards and product testing methods. After returning home, we improved and reformed the laboratory testing equipment and testing environment according to the differences between domestic and EU standards. And imported a series of respiratory resistance testing equipment directly from the UK. At the same time, the product is redesigned and developed according to the requirements of EU EN standards with the unremitting efforts of all departments of the company, we obtained the first CE product certification and 11. B factory audit certificate in 2007. At the same time, it is also the first enterprise in China to complete the CE certification of respiratory products so far, the company has obtained CE certificates for six products in three categories, including semi mask, dust filter and many kinds of filter boxes. The protection grade of the dust filter applied by our company is P3 R, the highest grade in the European Union en143:2000 standard, which is equivalent to kn100 and kp100 in the latest national standard gb2626-2006. At present, it is the only domestic enterprise with this grade of dust filter in China the abek filter box developed by the company can protect organic, inorganic, acid gas and ammonia gas at the same time, and the technology is also in a leading position in the domestic industry in order to improve the detection ability of the company’s detection center and better improve the anti gas time penetration detection project of the gas mask filter box / tank, the company has completed the transformation of the gas chromatography laboratory in early 2013 and started to put it into use editor in chief: just after the “double 11”, what’s your opinion on 1nternet shopping and labor protection products online< Mr. Sun: with the development of the 1nternet and the transparency of product information, price wars are common. However, 1 have my own views and insistence on product prices. First of all, the prices of raw materials continue to rise, the labor costs are also increasing, and the two major guarantees of high-quality products are both rising. At the same time, the product prices are unlikely to decline. Therefore, many customers' questions about prices are firmly answered. There are dangerous factors for products that are lower than the reasonable price in the market, 1n particular, we should always emphasize the importance of people's safety as individuals in the work environment. Only by creating value on the premise of individual safety, can life be meaningful. Therefore, the price of "Shengbao" may not be the cheapest, but the safety concept and sense of responsibility of "Shengbao" have been inspiring all "Shengbao people" editor in chief: what is your vision for Shengbao< Mr. Sun: in 2016, we have just completed the expansion of the new plant. From the company's initial office space of more than 200 square meters to the current 6000 square meters of modern plant, our working environment, office and storage conditions, staff restaurants, testing methods and other aspects closely related to production have been greatly improved Shengbao is about to start a new journey of dual track development of Ningbo production base and Beijing trade and sales. From the moment of its establishment, the dream of “Shengbao” has never changed. We want to become a pioneer in the field of respiratory protective products through continuous progress in innovation, quality, R & D, management, market, brand and so on innovation, quality and responsibility are always the direction and goal we pursue. Shengbao people will continue to work hard and make great efforts to make progress on the new journey( Original statement: This article is an original article by the editor of China labor insurance network. 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