didn’t dare to take off the helmet after the site collision experience

What’s the feeling of falling stones on the helmet? How does it feel to fall from a tall building? Yesterday, reporters from the provincial radio and television station, Wuhan Morning Post and other media came to the construction site of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2 South extension line of China Railway First Bureau Urban Rail company. They experienced the shock of “death crossing” in the safety experience area and accepted a safety baptism

“the shock wave generated by the impact is transmitted to my nerves through the safety helmet, which is clearly the sound of skull tearing. Fortunately, 1 am still awake, and 1 remember clearly that there will be no injury, and the skull will not break naturally. The most direct impact of this project experience is that 1 didn’t dare to take off my helmet on the construction site. ” Wan Jueqi, the anchor of provincial radio and television station, told reporters

the picture shows reporters’ hard hat impact experience, which simulates the damage caused by natural disasters

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