Difference between coal mine gas mask and old dust mask

The use of gas masks in coal mines has always been the key in coal mining. Through the comparison of a large number of dust-proof tools, we found that in the original situation, if we only use simple protective masks, such masks can only eliminate a small part of coal dust, But there are still a lot of coal dust left in the human body, and it is this kind of coal dust that really threatens the safety of production and the health of workers. What is the difference between the simple dust mask in the past and the professional coal mine gas mask now

the main difference is that the original old dust masks are poor in the overall air permeability, so-called poor air permeability. Many workers feel extremely stuffy when they wear such dust masks, because originally the workers were working underground, the whole air flow was not particularly good. After doing a lot of manual labor, 1f there is still a lot of hot air inside the mask, it will inevitably cause the whole stuffy phenomenon more serious, and the inconvenient use will also cause great confusion to the workers, and eventually lead to safety accidents. 1n particular, the emergence of pneumoconiosis, and if the use of coal mine gas masks, there will be no stuffy feeling, natural protection for pneumoconiosis is also very perfect

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