Difference between gas mask and fire escape mask

There are many people who don’t know the difference between gas masks and fire escape masks. They always mistakenly think that gas masks are worn in case of fire. 1n fact, this is not the case. The difference between the two is very different, once used interchangeably, it will lead to suffocation in the light and death in the heavy< 1n fact, gas mask is a broad term, which can be understood literally as a mask or mask that can prevent toxic substances from invading human respiratory organs. 1t belongs to the medium protection level of respiratory protection category. 1t includes two categories: filter type gas mask and isolated type gas mask. The filter type gas mask includes self-priming gas mask (such as the half mask of pig nose) and long tube gas mask (two ends of a long tube are respectively connected to the mask and the gas filter box, and the gas filter box is worn at the waist); The isolated gas mask, as the name suggests, is the existence space of the gas and toxic substances that the human body breathes. 1t is two places that do not interfere with each other, such as long tube respirator, air respirator, etc. Gas masks are widely used in chemical industry, coal mine development, metal smelting, military defense, fire rescue, health and epidemic prevention and other fields

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