Difference between industrial safety helmet and motorcycle helmet

1. Definition:

safety helmet is also widely used as helmet. Helmet is a device to protect the head, a hat worn by soldiers during training and combat, and an indispensable tool for people’s safety production and transportation. 1t is mostly semicircular, mainly composed of shell, lining and suspension device. The shell is made of special steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, plastic, leather, nylon, rattan and other materials to resist the head injury caused by warhead, shrapnel and other striking objects2. The difference between industrial safety helmet and motorcycle helmet:

1. Motorcycle helmet is a device to protect the head of motorcycle passengers (including motorcyclists and passengers), while safety helmet is a hat to protect the head of workers in industrial production from external force injury, and their uses are different. The motorcycle helmet is generally composed of shell, buffer layer, comfort pad, wearing device and goggles, while the safety helmet is composed of cap shell, cap liner, mandible band and rear hoop; 1n terms of performance, the helmet has the requirements of head protection area, field of vision and goggles, while the helmet has no such requirements; 1n terms of weight, helmets are more than 1kg, while helmets are more than 0.5kg.

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