Different fabrics of work clothes drying method

1: silk fabric

after washing, put the silk fabric work clothes in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally, and it’s better to turn them over. This kind of fabric has poor sunlight resistance, so it can’t be directly exposed to the sun, otherwise it will fade. We should pay special attention to the silk fabrics of work clothes with deep colors

2: pure cotton, cotton and linen fabrics

this kind of workwear fabric is different from silk fabric, which can be directly exposed to the sun, because the strength of this kind of fiber almost does not decrease or slightly decreases in the sun, but it will not deform. But there’s another thing in common. 1t’s better to turn it around

Three: chemical fiber fabrics

chemical fiber clothes should not be exposed to the sun after washing. This will make the overalls yellow, and the fiber is easy to age. Polyester and Veron will accelerate the photochemical cracking of the fiber under the action of sunlight, which will affect the service life of the fabric. 1t is recommended that you dry the fabric in the air vent, where there is no sun

Four: wool fabric

this kind of fabric should be naturally dried, and the reverse side should face out. Because the surface of wool fiber is a scale layer, the natural oil amine film outside gives the wool fiber a soft luster. 1t is easy to deteriorate under the sun, which seriously affects its appearance and service life

V: knitted fabrics

this kind of work clothes fabric needs to be prevented from deformation. After washing, put them into the net bag and hang them in a ventilated place to dry, so as to avoid too heavy deformation of the fabric, or use bamboo poles or plastic pipes in series to dry; 1f possible, it can be spread on other objects to dry

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