Difficulties and hopes of the world’s shoemaking factories

the world footwear headquarters base is going to invest 20 million yuan to cooperate with Shanghai invex Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to develop and realize robot automation production

Zhang Huarong, chairman of the world footwear base

Leng Xiaoming, executive vice mayor (fifth from the left), Zhang Huarong, chairman of the world footwear headquarters base (seventh from the left), relevant leaders and guests worked together to cultivate soil for the world footwear headquarters base

the topic of this issue

Houjie shoe industry, which was once in trouble, saw the road of transformation and upgrading under the leadership of the “leading” project

three or four years ago, the world footwear (Asia) headquarters base finally held a foundation laying ceremony as a “key project of Dongguan City”. 1t took four years for this project to evolve from an idea of Zhang Huarong (Chairman of the world footwear base) to a reality. Zhang Huarong is lucky, because his idea is just in line with the urgent requirements of Houjie town government to promote the transformation and upgrading of the shoe industry. Naturally, he has received the full support from the government. Houjie hopes that this project will play a “leading” role and drive the overall transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, so “government and enterprise are in harmony”

at the foundation laying ceremony on May 31, Houjie government signed a letter of intent on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of Houjie footwear industry with the headquarters base of world footwear (Asia). The total investment of the project is increased from 1 billion yuan to 1.6 billion yuan, with a total construction area of 480000 square meters. 1t is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2013. Of course, for the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, this is not only a milestone, but also only the first step in reality

the dream of China’s “godfather of women’s shoes” in difficulties

the winter four years ago, the eve of the financial crisis. Dongguan shoe industry crisis came ahead of time, factories closed down, employees were in arrears of wages, once let the industry’s rapid rise of processing production, brand OEM model, seems to have come to an end overnight

Zhang Huarong, chairman of Huajian group and known as “godfather of Chinese women’s shoes”, has an idea: to build a super large headquarters base of world shoes (Asia). He positioned the base as the Asian headquarters of R & D, trade, brand incubation and logistics, and became the order center of shoemaking enterprises, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry

Zhang Huarong would not have thought that the idea of four years ago was finally completed as a “Star project”, which was favored all the way, and was finally “placed at the top” to lay the foundation for Dongguan’s identity as a key engineering project

at that time, Zhang Huarong had become the chairman of the largest women’s shoes manufacturer in China. Four years ago, in an interview with Nandu reporters, he said: “they say 1 am the godfather, and the godfather is a kind of responsibility. 1 started my own business without any conditions. 1’d like to take you to start a business together. “

four years later, when asked by the reporter why the project has been in such a boom for so many years, and now the foundation is laid, will it have missed the opportunity? Zhang Huarong’s answer is still with his “Godfather” style: “is it not easy to make money? But for this project, 1 pay more attention to the industry value and social value. After four years of preparation, 1 am more confident in this project and its long-term operation. “

the only thing Zhang Huarong didn’t expect was the amount of investment in the base, which was estimated to be about 1 billion at that time, and even increased to 1.6 billion when the foundation was laid

after the storm

the consensus between the government and enterprises of “world shoe factory”

Zhang Huarong is lucky. When he constantly promotes his concept of “world shoe (Asia) headquarters base” to the outside world, he encounters a very good opportunity – the government’s urgent desire to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. After the financial crisis, Dongguan chose “two pilot towns and two industries” as the pilot in the industrial transformation and upgrading: one is Dalang wool weaving, the other is Houjie shoes

at this time, Zhang Huarong didn’t know. Soon, Houjie town government will take the initiative to find him

Houjie also has its foundation. Shoemaking is one of the pillar industries of Houjie. There are more than 1000 shoemaking enterprises in the town; There are more than 1000 other leather, shoe machine, shoe material and hardware supporting production enterprises, more than 1000 finished shoes, shoe material, leather, hardware, shoe chemical and trading businesses and shops, and nearly 150000 employees. 1ts footwear export value accounts for 1 / 4 of the share of Guangdong Province, known as the “world shoe factory”

in recent years, Houjie has built a large-scale professional footwear market, including haopan footwear market, Yuanlong leather market, Hetian leather market, Hongyun footwear Plaza, Nanfeng leather footwear trading center, etc. local capital is very active in this field. However, the Houjie town government is very cautious in choosing the “leading” projects

if you look carefully, you will find that the “Dongguan footwear industry transformation and upgrading and cluster development policy support plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”) led by Houjie, which supports the “leading” project of Houjie footwear industry transformation and upgrading, is not these local private enterprises. For Yu Houjie, its trump card is “world footwear (Asia) headquarters base”

Zhang Huarong’s enterprises need to transform and upgrade, and the Houjie shoe industry as a whole needs to transform and upgrade. What Zhang Huarong wants is also what the government needs. Both sides have a common understanding of the construction of the platform. Based on the common interests, the two sides hit it off

the plan proposes to build Dongguan footwear industry creative park in Dongguan Houjie ecological science and technology park with the world footwear headquarters as the center, plan and reserve 1000 mu of park land, and provide preferential land resources for shoe enterprises in the park to create R & D center, trade center, high-end production line and public R & D trading platform. The government gives financial support to the world footwear headquarters base project and the construction of footwear cluster platform

Zhang Huarong said: “without the support of the government, the foundation of this project will not be laid so quickly and smoothly.”

look at the future

the transformation road of brand building and automation

at yesterday’s foundation laying ceremony, the dance performance of five robots captured the limelight< According to Zhang Huarong, these robots will appear in the assembly line production in three to five years, and they will replace the shortage of labor force" The era of production around labor transfer has become a thing of the past. The world footwear headquarters base is going to invest 20 million yuan to cooperate with Shanghai inves Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to develop and realize robot automation production the foundation of the world footwear headquarters base was founded as “Dongguan 2011 key project” and “four-year development” major project. At the same time, as a pilot project of industrial transformation and upgrading in Guangdong Province Zhang Huarong’s idea four years ago is now infinitely close to reality. After the completion of the whole project, it will become a world-class “one-stop” integrated service headquarters platform for shoe industry, which integrates high-end R & D and design, trade logistics, brand display, order and raw material procurement, brand incubation and information consultation, serving the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan shoe industry and the development of the whole industrial cluster, Vigorously promote the development of China’s shoe industry from low-end manufacturing market to high-end brand market according to the plan, the world footwear headquarters base will focus on the introduction of footwear R & D institutions, international trade and purchasers, manufacturers and brands of finished shoes all over the country, international and domestic raw material suppliers and supporting service institutions of footwear industry. After the completion of the project, it will accommodate 10000 commercial enterprises and solve the employment problem of 40000-50000 people. After the completion of the project, the annual transaction volume is expected to reach 50 billion observers say that is just a starting point the headquarters base of the world shoe industry (Asia) is booming. But laying the foundation doesn’t mean to start construction, and even if construction starts, it doesn’t mean that it will be completed and opened soon. 1n recent years, Guangzhou and other places have also said that they want to set up “shoe headquarters”. 1n the far distance, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, in the Yangtze River Delta, has already embarked on the road of self brand creation. R & D and marketing conditions are more mature. Although the positioning of projects is different, competition is inevitable. Dongguan shoe factory is mainly OEM, lack of independent brand, and failed to take the road of self brand creation like Zhejiang Wenzhou and Fujian shoe factory, which also lack of independent intellectual property rights. Therefore, there will be cruel competition such as price war among the end products of Dongguan shoe industry chain. 1n the future, can this “leader” open up a new situation for the development of Dongguan shoes? Terror also has to see, who can seize the opportunity, drink the first soup, is the hard truth leave a message to ta: Huang Ya @ cowgirl121121 (http://t.qq.com/cow girl1121121) (Southern Metropolis Daily) www.nddaily.com 1n 3-5 years, these robots will appear on the assembly line, and they will replace the shortage of labor force — on the transformation and upgrading of the industry is it not easy to make money? But 1 value industry value and social value more. After four years of preparation, it can be said that 1 am more confident in this project and its long-term operation – – talk about the headquarters base of world shoe industry (Asia) written by Nandu reporter Huang Yaya photographed by Nandu reporter Liu Mei

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