Digital fire shoes with positioning and navigation function developed in Sweden

Firefighters trapped in a fire will lose their way when they are surrounded by thick smoke, but this problem will be solved. According to reports, a Swedish Research 1nstitute has developed a set of digital positioning fire shoes technology for firefighters

it is reported that after firefighters put on these positioning shoes, the management personnel can grasp the location of firefighters inside and outside the fire site, and the positioning function of the system can still operate normally even in the harsh environment of 25 meters deep underground

according to the report, this set of fire shoes positioning system is composed of a group of sensors installed on the sole of the shoes, which can withstand huge impact force and high temperature. During the operation of the system, the sensor installed on the heel of the shoe will send the information of the fireman’s position and activity status back to the fire command center. 1n addition to facilitating the management to dispatch compatriots in the fire, it can also guide the lost fireman back to the right track

the research team pointed out that they had conducted field tests on the newly developed system and found that the effect was good. The next step is to study how to improve the positioning accuracy of the system. The research goal is to install the sensor on ordinary shoes and make the sensor provide renewable energy on its own

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