Discount when new clothing products come into the market

in the past, only outdated, broken code, defective goods were included in the category of discount. But now, new clothing, sandals, etc., which have just come on the market, have launched discount, gift and other preferential activities. 1n the business people’s view, discount can attract customers to buy, and consumers have also developed a non “discount” shopping habits

business: discount is the “means of operation”

yesterday, the author visited a number of shopping malls on Zhongshan Road and found that the vast majority of shopping malls have launched products that offer profits, promote sales and discount. 1n the first floor shoe sales area of Victoria shopping center, both new sandals and old shoes are marked with different discounts, some as low as 30%. And in the rest of the floor of the mall, clothing, cosmetics, etc. have also made a discount price

in another store, the new summer products are as low as 60% off. 1n the sales area on the first floor, jewelry of some brands is sold at a 60% discount; men’s and women’s shoes of Hassen, Qianbaidu and other brands are sold at a 75% discount; in the women’s wear area, some products of only and other brands are sold at a 20% discount; some products of sportswear “Li Ning” are sold at a discount of 40% when they are 100%; kappa is sold at a discount of 8-9.5%; Puma is sold at a discount of 8.5%. 1n addition, some shopping malls have also launched some low-cost sales areas, and the guide keeps telling consumers that all the goods in a certain area are discounted

1 found that the discount commodities in shopping malls include clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics and other commodities. Compared with clothing, the discount of shoes is bigger and wider

in an interview with the author, many business operators said that discount has become a means of operation. Businesses use discount to attract customers, so as to increase sales volume, increase profits and make their brands more famous. A certain brand’s shopping guide said that many consumers directly asked “when is the discount” when the new model first appeared on the market, which shows that the discount of goods has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

consumers: we don’t buy shoes without discount

in the shoe zone of Jiamao shopping center, the author found that dozens of styles of shoes have been given different discounts, attracting many people to buy them. Take women’s sandals as an example. The price of new women’s sandals ranges from 100 yuan to 500 yuan. Among the people who buy shoes, most of the customers buy shoes at a discount, while few people consult and buy shoes without a discount

Su Bo, a citizen who is choosing sandals, said that in early May, when the sandals were just on the market, he went around the sandal Market. He wanted an ordinary leather sandal with a price of about 500 yuan. He thought it was too expensive, so he didn’t buy it. After many days, the sandals were on sale, so he bought a pair of sandals that he had long liked, saving more than 100 yuan” Today, we’ll see if there are any discount sports shoes suitable for us. As long as the price is reasonable, we’ll buy another pair. “

in the interview, many citizens said that if the goods were not discounted, they would not buy them. There are also some citizens who can’t help but rush to make a move. As a result, they have spent unjustly. Many members of the public also reported that sometimes they just bought a product, but it didn’t take long to get a discount, resulting in a loss of 180 yuan

industry insiders:

fierce competition is the main reason for discount

Why do new products discount when they come into the market

in this regard, many businesses interviewed by the author said that there are three main reasons for discount: first, discount has become a means of business promotion. Second, with the increase of production, manufacturers will naturally give discounts to expand sales. Third, now clothing, shoes and other brands are everywhere. Some products have similar styles and similar prices, and the competition among brands is becoming more and more fierce. Businesses have to start early to discount and occupy the limited market

people in the industry told me that the discount range of shoes is larger. Shoes are consumables, and the styles and materials are updated every year. 1f they don’t sell this year, they won’t sell next year. Moreover, once the shoes are overstocked, the leather is easy to change, and there are problems such as overstocked shoes transportation and preservation, which will increase the cost of businesses, so businesses will choose to discount early, The reason for the discount and promotion of clothing, jewelry and cosmetics is similar to that of shoes

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