Discussion on the importance of fall protection from construction site production safety accidents in Suzhou

News (from Suzhou daily): according to statistics, there were 18 construction safety accidents and 20 deaths in Suzhou in 2015, including 1 major accident and 3 deaths. 1n 2015, construction safety accidents occurred in 8 areas of the city, and there were no safety accidents in Taicang City and high tech Zone. 6 accidents occurred in construction enterprises outside the province, accounting for 35.3% of the total number of accidents; There were 12 accidents in the construction enterprises of the province and the city, accounting for 64.7% of the total accidents

in terms of accident types, falling from height accounted for the highest proportion, with 12 accidents and 12 deaths, accounting for 66.7% of the total accidents and 60% of the total deaths; The rest include object strike, mechanical injury, collapse, vehicle injury, etc. More than 80% of the accidents occurred from March to May and from August to September, and more accidents occurred on weekends, holidays and other special periods

point of view: in the field of construction, all kinds of safety risks always threaten the personal safety of construction workers. From the incidence of falling accidents, a large part of the reason is due to the lack of safety awareness of workers and the failure to wear safety rope and other protective equipment as required. On the other hand, the construction site has not fulfilled its protection obligations and built necessary protective facilities

accidents such as object strike and mechanical injury are related to the fact that workers do not wear safety helmets or use unqualified safety helmets. The lack of hand protection and foot protection is also one of the causes of mechanical injury in construction sites

in construction enterprises on construction sites, preventive measures should be taken when it is 6 feet above the ground. The complete fall protection must include one of the following: 1. Handrail; 22. Safety net; 3. Fall protection system

according to OSHA regulations of the United States, enterprises or manufacturers must provide correct rescue to the falling employees, including properly trained emergency response personnel and standard equipment. 1f the person is suspended in the air, he will lose consciousness and will be in fatal danger within 30 minutes. 1f the injured can not be rescued to the ground in the shortest time, the injured will press the femoral vein on the inner thigh because of the safety belt, which will cause venous blood stasis and lead to orthostatic intolerance, which will cause fatal danger to the injured. According to research, people wearing seat belts hanging in the air for 4-6 minutes will have irreversible health effects. Experts suggest that 3-5 minutes is the best time for rescue

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