Discussion on the principle and advantages of Honeywell horizontal lifeline

Honeywell s ? Ll xenon horizontal lifeline system is a horizontal automatic anti falling hanging point device in accordance with en795 standard. Compared with other competitive products in the market, the product is more ergonomic and has fewer components

Honeywell s ? Ll xenon horizontal lifeline system is suitable for installation, maintenance and cleaning at high altitude. 1t can be used in factories, buildings, crane tracks, aircraft repair depots, large stadiums, train and vehicle loading and unloading places, etc

why Honeywell s ? Will xenon cable system

xenon horizontal lifeline is an anchorage device with flexible steel cable. The main components of the system include: glider, energy buffer, middle bracket and end bracket. Xenon horizontal lifeline provides a perfect solution for the safety protection of high altitude installation, maintenance and cleaning work. Honeywell s ? Ll xenon anchorage device has passed the test of an independent European Union designated agency and obtained CE certification, which meets the requirements of en795


high strength, durable and ergonomic design, using double locking mechanism. 1t passes through the bracket smoothly without manual alignment adjustment. The extra wide anchorage eye can be connected with various safety connectors in accordance with en 353 and en 360< Each energy buffer has four basic functions: energy absorber, line tensioner, tension indicator and fall indicator. Due to the application of the new "structural protection" technology in the system, the load of the anchorage point of the system can be reduced to 6.5kn Honeywell s ? Advantages of ll xenon: 1. Simple, fast and economical installation

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