disguised application analysis of fire hose in fire fighting and rescue

Creatively expand the actual combat application method of water hose, and use water hose to solve the problems in combat. This kind of unconventional practice will often receive unexpected results with half the effort. Next, we will introduce four disguised applications of water hose

one of the disguised applications of water hose: protection during lifting of hazardous chemical tanker

in case of tipping accident of hazardous chemical tanker, lifting of accident vehicle is a very important link in on-site disposal. 1f the water belt is put on the outside of the steel wire rope, and there is a cover pad of water belt braid and water belt gum lining between the steel wire rope and the tank body, the sparks can be effectively avoided, and the lifting protection effect will be very good

the second application of water hose in disguised form: transfer the leakage point of hazardous chemicals

if the liquid phase or gas phase interface of the accident tanker is damaged and the leakage can not be stopped in a short time, and the site is in urgent need of lifting, breaking, supporting and saving people, we can use the water belt to solve this problem. One end of the water hose is removed from the interface and tied on the liquid or gas interface pipeline, and then the other end of the multi coil water hose is transferred to reduce the safety risk of on-site operation

the third application of water belt in disguised form: air supply pipeline in anoxic space

shaft or tunnel rescue, air supply to this kind of anoxic narrow space is the key. The use of fire hose can also solve this technical problem. The hose does not leak water or air. One end of the hose can be connected to the blower, and the other end can be put into the shaft or tunnel. As long as the 220 V power supply on the rescue vehicle is supplied to the blower, fresh air can be continuously transported to the area where the trapped people are located

the fourth application of water hose in disguise: floor escape self-help assistance

this is not a new move, the operation procedure of using water hose self-help is: lay a water hose vertically downward in the window, and connect the lower end to the ground water separator. The firefighters tie the end of the hose to the building components or indoor solid facilities, then unfasten the safety belt, tie the hose in the safety belt, put it in front of the chest, face the outside, sit on the windowsill, hold the hose with both hands, clamp the hose with both feet, and slowly slide to the ground. Firefighters can use this method as an auxiliary means of floor escape and self rescue at the scene of fire fighting and rescue

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