Disposable gloves are moldy and can cause cancer

With the acceleration of the pace of life, our life has entered a “one-off” era. The emergence and popularization of disposable products greatly facilitate our life, but some careful consumers may find that such convenient disposable products also have a shelf life. Once the shelf life of disposable products has passed, it will cause great harm to the body after use, and even lead to cancer

“look at this disposable glove. 1t’s wrinkled and has a musty smell. Can it still be used?” Ms. Zhou, who lives on Jiefang Road in Shizhong District, has just bought a roast chicken from the market. She wants to tear up the meat of the roast chicken. 1n order not to let the oil get on her hands, she finds a stack of disposable gloves she bought a long time ago. However, after using them for several times, Ms. Zhou finds the problem mentioned above and hesitates whether she should continue to use them

“1 heard from my friend that this disposable glove also has a shelf life. 1t’s not out of date.” With this idea, Ms. Zhou immediately remembered to check the shelf life of disposable gloves. Sure enough, the shelf life of disposable gloves purchased in February 2012 is two years, which is more than three months overdue” 1 didn’t expect that the disposable gloves would be expired. Fortunately, 1 found out in time that 1 didn’t continue to use them. Otherwise, 1 don’t know if the expired gloves would cause any harm to my body. ” Ms. Zhou said

on the 5th, the reporter visited a number of restaurants in Shizhong District, such as lobster shops and spareribs shops, which have disposable film gloves, and found that most of the businesses even said they did not know that disposable film gloves have a shelf life. 1n a lobster restaurant near Shizhong children’s Park, the reporter saw that many customers were wearing disposable film gloves to eat lobster for convenience, which were naturally provided by businesses” No, gloves are not food. How can they have a shelf life? ” Lobster shop owner was surprised to say that when the reporter asked when disposable gloves were purchased, he said that he really couldn’t remember, “in order to facilitate the approval of several boxes of gloves in the past, they have been used for a long time.” Said the boss

not only does the boss not know the shelf life of disposable gloves, but also the customers know nothing about it. A customer who is eating lobster has disposable gloves on his hand and is eating with relish” What? Gloves have a shelf life. 1 really haven’t paid attention to that. How long does the shelf life usually take? What will happen if it’s expired? ” The customer said that the disposable gloves have always been used as an auxiliary article, and the shelf life has never been considered

during the investigation, the reporter also found that the sale of some “three no” disposable gloves in the market is one of the reasons why the citizens and businesses do not know the shelf life of disposable gloves. A restaurant businessman said that due to the large consumption of disposable gloves, the disposable gloves he bought are relatively cheap “three no” products” The gloves don’t even have a package. They are all tied up with ropes. How can we write down the shelf life and production date? 1 thought all disposable gloves are like this. ” The business said

after consulting the industry, the reporter learned that the shelf life of disposable film gloves is generally two years, and disposable gloves with more than two years are best not to be used, because long-term storage leads to mildew on the surface of gloves, which is a huge threat to human health, and even worse, it can lead to cancer” Not only disposable gloves, but also many disposable products have a shelf life. For example, the shelf life of disposable lunch boxes is about 4 months, that of disposable tablecloths is about 6 months, that of disposable toothbrushes in hotels is about 8 months, that of disposable masks is about one year, and that of disposable combs is about one year. Like disposable gloves, these disposable products can’t be used out of date, otherwise they will have different effects on health. ” 1ndustry insiders said

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