Disruptive innovation: the way to the birth of disposable antibacterial PVC gloves

A new product, a subversive new product, a new product that has never appeared in the market, recently appeared in various channels! This national patent product can kill contact bacteria including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Helicobacter pylori, etc., with an effective inhibition rate of 99.9%, which can protect a healthy life

at present, all kinds of known infectious diseases are transmitted through air or contact. 1n order to avoid the transmission of bacteria through contact, PVC gloves are selected by more users because of their low cost, simple process, acid and alkali resistance, etc. with the more and more extensive use of PVC gloves, people have higher and higher requirements for the functional diversity of gloves. This kind of PVC antibacterial gloves with water-based Pu antibacterial layer, bacterial isolation layer and PVC protective layer will undoubtedly bring subversive changes to the field of disposable gloves

according to people familiar with the matter, this disposable antibacterial PVC glove is developed by the Dengsheng team led by Professor Wei Bangzhu, a leading scholar in China’s latex industry. Professor Wei Bangzhu has worked in Beijing 1nstitute of chemical technology, technical department of rubber Department of the former Ministry of chemical industry and latex industry research institute. Professor Wei said that this kind of PVC disposable antibacterial gloves accurately grasped the urgent needs of consumers for daily health protection after the epidemic, and also took into account the advantages and characteristics of PVC disposable gloves, so it has great competitiveness in the market performance

the patented technology of 2-hour sterilization and 24-hour long-term bacteriostasis makes this disposable technology antibacterial PVC gloves have the strong protection function of actively inactivating external contact bacteria and hand sweat breeding bacteria. At the same time, this disposable technology antibacterial PVC glove uses high-quality PVC material, which can effectively isolate the hand from all bacteria, so as to achieve excellent antibacterial and antibacterial purposes, and effectively avoid the spread of bacteria through contact

the disposable technology antibacterial PVC gloves are cleaned with high-purity water and ultrasonic wave, and the cleaning / treatment / packaging / warehousing links are carried out in class 1000 purification room, ensuring the powder free and dust-free standard of gloves. The products are suitable for medical scene, clean room, clean workshop, semiconductor, hard disk manufacturing, precision optics, optical electronics, LCD / DVD LCD manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, printing and other industries, as well as daily labor protection and family health scene< Since its establishment in 1998, Shandong Dengsheng Security Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the concept of "innovation is productivity, productivity is brand power". 1t has successively cooperated with Zhuzhou Rubber Research 1nstitute, Qingdao University of science and technology, Hainan University, Shandong University of science and Technology Co., Ltd Tianjin University of science and technology and other university enterprise cooperation, firmly take the road of scientific research development combining production, learning and research, and set up R & amp; D center in 2015; D R & D center has an elite R & D team of 79 middle and senior engineers led by three doctors. Today, Dengsheng has more than 60 patents and more than 300 varieties. 1t is the leader of new product development in domestic PPE industry technological innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development. 1n recent years, in order to encourage product innovation and R & D, Dengsheng has successively issued the management measures for scientific and technological innovation awards and patent application and management measures. Four scientific and technological innovation meetings are held every year to commend the innovative achievements. At the end of each year, a centralized reward is given to the company’s intellectual property declaration and management. So far, more than 200 innovative achievements and 20 patents have been awarded< Zhao Lei, chairman of Shandong Dengsheng Security Technology Co., Ltd., said: "the PVC gloves produced by the company, which can kill 99.9% of contact bacteria and have a long-term antibacterial effect for 24 hours, have applied for the national utility model patent. The successful development of the project has filled the gap of disposable PVC gloves in this field in China, Our position in high-end products and high-end brands in disposable gloves industry has been further consolidated. "

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