Do a good job of La service for providing reliable protection products

1n January 2018, the State Administration of work safety issued the newly revised “Regulations on the management of labor protection articles for employers”, which deleted the clause “encourage employers to purchase and use labor protection articles with safety signs”

What are the reasons for deleting this item? Recently, special defense network interviewed the person in charge of the safety sign management center of China Academy of work safety, and he gave a specific explanation< 1n fact, under the background of the Chinese government's streamlining of administration and decentralization, the State Administration of work safety has issued Order No. 80 in 2015, deciding that the management of safety signs will no longer be an administrative compulsory requirement. 1n order to protect the interests of certified enterprises and market demand, since July 2015, the safety standard center decided to continue to carry out the safety sign service of special labor protection articles in the voluntary mode of third-party enterprises, and made an announcement to all sectors of the society. This is a fact well known by all walks of life “the reason why we continue to carry out the work of safety signs is that over the years, due to strict, systematic and comprehensive professional control, the credibility of safety signs has not only been recognized by the majority of domestic labor protection products manufacturers, users and local safety supervision departments, but also has a high international reputation, 1t also plays a positive role in reducing the risk of production safety. ” The person in charge said that at present, although the safety standard no longer has administrative compulsion, its standard has not been lowered and the role of control has not changed. Therefore, in order to avoid their own risks, many users still take safety signs as the primary condition when purchasing labor protection articles. 1n order to improve their competitiveness, the demand for safety signs has not decreased, but increased to a certain extent the person in charge stressed that in order to protect the interests of the majority of certified enterprises, provide reliable choices for the majority of users, promote national safety in production, and protect the safety and health of workers, we will still adhere to strict standards, innovate service methods, continue to carry out safety sign service firmly, and provide reliable public products to the society

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