Do farmers need to wear labor protection appliances when spraying pesticides?

1n the spring season, everything begins to recover and grow. 1n the countryside of this meeting, fruit trees begin to sprout, and the land is green. During the budding period of fruit trees, farmers began to spray the first mixture of sulfur and stone, which was used to control spider mites, rust mites, scale insects and other pests and some diseases. Stone sulfur mixture is made of lime, water and sulfur. When spraying pesticides, you must pay attention to personal protection to avoid skin injury

just in the past weekend, my mother brought my nephew to play with me. As soon as 1 saw my mother, she was complaining that her face was hot and itchy. When 1 asked her what was the matter, she said helplessly: “the day before yesterday when 1 used pesticide, the wind was a little strong, and 1 forgot to bring a mask, so it was probably caused by pesticide corrosion.” 1 then asked, “dad should wear gloves when mixing. Don’t put them all on his hands.” mom said, “your dad cooked the medicine. When he first wanted the medicine stirred by a stick, he wore yarn gloves, but he didn’t wear gloves when he took the sulfur mixture out of the pot. As a result, his clothes and hands were everywhere, and he couldn’t wash them.” For fruit farmers like my father, the stone sulfur mixture is only the first pesticide spraying in this year, about ten times a year. The later spraying will be in hot summer, cool summer days of 30 or 40 degrees. Some personal protective measures are basically ignored, and some farmers who are injured by spraying pesticides can often be seen in the village hospital

1’m a child in the countryside. 1t’s about 40 degrees hot. 1 follow my parents to spray pesticides. 1 can understand what it’s like to wear thick protective clothing and masks on a hot day. However, for our personal protection, labor protection appliances are still necessary, At the same time, we also hope that the manufacturers of labor protection can pay attention to the research and development of protection products in this area

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