Do private car owners need to wear antistatic gloves when self-service refueling?

some readers asked whether the gas station staff and self-service refueling should wear anti-static gloves. Xiaobian read some materials and looked at the accidents caused by not paying attention to the danger of static electricity, which were all caused by not knowing the common sense of static electricity

once, a news about “a guy wearing chemical fiber clothes caught fire instantly when refuelling” was widely spread on the 1nternet. The cause of the fire was that the guy was refuelling because the static electricity on the chemical fiber clothes ignited the oil gas. Static electricity will appear when people comb their hair and take off their clothes. Therefore, the danger of static electricity can not be ignored when filling gas at gas stations

static electricity is the key point of gas station’s daily work. Open fire, lightning strike and static electricity are the three hidden dangers that gas stations are always on guard against. Gas station staff are wearing uniform anti-static work clothes, shoes can not wear soles with metal materials. Even some gas stations are equipped with grounded refueling guns to remove static electricity

although the metal keyboard on the fuel dispenser is directly grounded, the process of the owner inputting his own refueling information on the keyboard before refueling is equivalent to discharging the static electricity carried on his body, eliminating the static electricity carried on his body. But this can not avoid the recurrence of static electricity. After removing static electricity, you can pat or pull your clothes with your hands, and static electricity will reappear

the staff of the gas station remind the car owners: during the refueling process, the driver should not return to the car to prevent static electricity from getting on the car again; The refueling gun should be extended into the oil tank as far as possible to reduce the volatile oil and gas in the process of refueling. After refueling, the refueling gun should be pulled out when there is no residual oil. Citizens who have the conditions can also prepare a pair of anti-static gloves in the car so that they can wear them during self-service refueling

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