do workers have to pay for labor protection gloves?

Master Pang: 1’m an electrical welder in a factory. 1 must take protective measures when 1 work. Gloves and protective covers are indispensable. 1n the past, the company provided these things, but recently the company changed its leader. My work gloves were worn out and needed to be replaced. 1t happened that the company had no inventory, and the leader didn’t sign to buy them. 1n order not to affect my work, 1 have to buy Gloves by myself. Should the worker pay for the gloves for work

saying: it is the employer’s obligation to purchase and distribute labor protection articles. The gloves and protective covers Mr. Pang needs to use when he works are for safe production and should be borne by the employer. According to Article 44 of the law of the people’s Republic of China on work safety, “the production and business operation entities shall arrange funds for the provision of labor protection articles and the training of work safety.” Article 54 of the law also stipulates that in the process of operation, employees shall strictly abide by the rules and regulations of production safety and operating procedures of their own units, obey management, and correctly wear and use labor protection articles. 1n addition, the use cycle of labor protection articles issued by employers also has clear guidance. 1f the employer fails to comply with this, it will be suspected of violating the law. Times reporter Zhang Wei (Xinwen, editor of beifang.com)

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