Do you know anything about seat belts?

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safety belt is a protective device for workers working at height to prevent falling casualties, which is composed of belt, rope and metal accessories. According to the performance requirements of the safety belt, the safety belt and rope must be woven with nylon, vinylon, silk and other raw materials, and the electric pole belt can be made of cattle leather. The metal fittings are made of carbon steel or alloy aluminum, and the ropes are wrapped with belts, synthetic leather, vinylon or rubber; To prevent friction and aging

according to the way of use, the safety belt can be divided into two types: the pole safety belt and the hanging and climbing safety belt. The safety belt for pole work is suitable for electricians, telecommunication workers, landscapers and other pole work. 1t mainly includes single belt type of electric girth, anti falling type of electric girth and single belt type of general type 1 girth rope

the hanging and climbing safety belt is suitable for construction, shipbuilding, installation, mining, highway and railway shunting and other high altitude operations. According to the structure, it can be divided into three types: single belt type, double strap type and climbing type

when purchasing and using the safety belt, it is necessary to check whether the parts of the safety belt are complete and whether there is any damage. All kinds of rings of metal accessories should not be welded parts with smooth edges, and the products should have “Safety Supervision Certificate”. When using the safety belt of the boom, there is a protective cover on the boom. 1t is not allowed to drag the rope on the ground at will, so as not to damage the rope cover and affect the main rope

it should be noted that the hanging safety belt should not be hung low and used high, because the impact force of hanging low and using high is great when it falls, and it is also harmful to human body. 1t is generally safer to use short rope for single belt of scaffolder. 1f long rope is needed, double strap type safety belt should be selected

when using the safety rope, it is not allowed to knot, so as to avoid cutting the rope from the knot in case of falling. When using more than 3m long rope alone, supplementary measures should be considered, such as adding buffer, self-locking hook or speed difference automatic controller on the rope. Buffer, self-locking hook or speed difference controller can be used alone or in combination

some enterprise safety workers told reporters that the most important thing is to improve the safety quality of workers, know what is safe operation, take the initiative to refuse to operate when there is danger, and wear safety belts according to regulations when working, so as to effectively avoid accidents

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