Do you know that you need to wear protective clothing for radiation examination

Maybe a lot of people don’t know that they need to wear protective clothing to do the radioactivity test. But now most hospitals only pay more attention to the radiation protection measures for children patients, but adult patients are still not protected

most hospitals have a warning sign in the MR1 examination area, which says “high magnetic field area, no entry”. The reporter randomly interviewed a gentleman who accompanied his wife in the waiting area. He told the reporter that when his wife was doing the examination, she took off the metal articles and put on the ordinary clothes provided by the hospital instead of the special anti radiation clothes. When asked if he was worried about the harm caused by radiation to his body, he hesitated and said, “when 1 come into contact with the microwave oven, induction cooker and TV, 1 am not exposed to radiation. There is no need to worry too much, is there?”

the reporter then came to a municipal specialized hospital. Several pieces of protective lead clothes were placed on the examination table of the radiology department of the hospital, and the warning sign “for your health, please wear protective equipment” was pasted on the wall. Dr. Zhao of the radiology department said in an interview that children must wear protective lead clothing when they have radiation tests, but adults should take the principle of voluntariness. 1n most cases, doctors do not take the initiative to persuade the examinees to wear radiation protective clothing

the reporter came to another municipal hospital. 1n the radiology department of the inpatient department, protective lead clothing and protective lead skirt are also placed on the detection platform of the CT room. Radiology Doctor Tang really told reporters that in the past, he did neglect the protective measures for patients when doing radiation examination. However, as the whole society pays more and more attention to medical safety, the media supervision is also in place. 1n recent years, they have done a more detailed job in this respect. “We will help every child to wear lead clothes and cover their gonadal organs.”

but Dr. Tang also admitted, “it’s very troublesome to put on and take off a protective suit, which is more than ten kilograms, and it takes a lot of time. On the one hand, parents will find it troublesome. On the other hand, we have to take a total of 600 or 700 films a day. 1f we ask our escorts to wear lead clothes, it will take longer. ” His view is that patients do not need to magnify the fear of radiation examination, if the number of times a year is less than two or three, there will be little harm to the body< The reporter learned that the "Regulations on the administration of radiation diagnosis and treatment" implemented in March 2006 stated that when radiation diagnosis and treatment staff conduct medical exposure to patients and subjects, they should abide by the principles of rationalization of medical exposure and optimization of radiation protection, have a clear medical purpose, and strictly control the exposure dose; The sensitive organs and tissues adjacent to the exposure point should be shielded, and the patients and subjects should be informed of the health effects of radiation in advance. Han Lilan, director of the third Supervision Department of the Municipal Health Supervision 1nstitute, told reporters that if the medical institutions fail to fulfill the obligation of informing and properly protect the subjects during the radioactive examination, they will be given a warning, ordered to correct or even fined the implementation of the regulations requires the conscious reminding and equipping of the hospital, as well as the improvement of patients’ self-protection awareness. Only in life, pay attention to self-protection, can be free from infringement copyright notice: This is the original article of the website reporter. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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