do you know the first tooling brand in the United States?

Tooling style is an important branch of American retro style. 1n the United States, the 18th to 19th century was the time when their economy was booming. At that time, there were numerous factories in the United States, and the worker’s clothing that workers wore every day was the current tooling style

when it comes to tooling style, tannin and canvas are two indispensable elements. The tannin element must be the two denim brands Levis and Lee. Levis was famous with the United States by inventing the first jeans, and Lee, as a traditional jeans, has made great efforts to move forward in the fashion field, but for the players who like jeans, Levis still has an unshakable position

besides tannin, canvas is also one of the elements. 1 think it’s CARHARTT who has the same status as Levis in the United States. What brand is CARHARTT? CARHARTT is actually a clothing brand that was born in 1889. 1t is famous for its solid quality and durability. 1t is the preferred brand of American workers’ clothing. 1f you want to experience authentic American tooling style, CARHARTT is your best choice

just like the history of many big brands, the founder Hamilton CARHARTT started his own company in a small workshop and a few employees at the beginning. At the beginning, they used canvas to make a batch of denim pants suitable for railway workers, but the sales volume was not ideal. After consulting the workers, he finally learned their actual needs and chose more wear-resistant trademark fabrics

ordinary canvas is knitted together, while trademark is interwoven with two kinds of fibers, so their canvas will be more rigid and thick. “Doek” in Dutch is used to describe this kind of fabric, and its pronunciation is similar to “duck”. Later, CARHARTT company used another logo to commemorate this kind of fabric

since their success in canvas products, their reputation has spread rapidly in the United States. By 1910, CARHARTT factory had developed to Southern California and Georgia, and they had production factories in many big cities, such as Atlanta, Detroit and San Francisco

during World War 1, CARHARTT also responded to the call to produce US military uniforms for the country, which made him famous for a while. After the great depression, CARHARTT was also hit hard, but with a very high status in the working class, he has been through the difficulties tenaciously until now, and has become the first choice of American workers’ tooling

1ntroduction to styles

in the more than 100 years of CARHARTT’s development, many classic styles have been born through continuous improvement. Let’s introduce them

1. Hamilton CARHARTT, the founder of CARHARTT W1P derroit jacket, set up his brand in Detroit at the beginning, and the Detroit jacket is of great significance to CARHARTT. The reason why the Detroit jacket has become a classic is that it is made of 100% duck canvas, with a blanket lining and corduroy collar. The hard fabric is very wear-resistant, and it’s easy to work in cold environment, so it’s very popular among people< Another classic style is the Michigan jacket. Compared with the Detroit jacket, this is a medium length jacket with four bags of buttons. 1 think it's a bit similar to the M65 version. This jacket first appeared in 1923 and has a history of almost 100 years. 1t has been known as "engineer coat" in the United States 3. CARHARTT vest CARHARTT vest has always been one of people’s favorite matching items. The thick canvas appearance can match the tooling style well, no matter it is worn alone or inside. Compared with the general vest, in addition to being made of canvas, it also uses rib collar, which can better keep out the cold in winter 4. Active jacket the appearance of active jacket is the same as that of ordinary hooded sweater, but it is made of canvas, so it can be seen in the version that it is wider and stiffer than ordinary sweater the popularity of CARHARTT is precisely because the founders started from consumers, started with solid quality, and never gave up their consumer groups, so as to take root in the American working class. Later, many rappers also used CARHARTT (including Eminem, Kanye and others). The main reason is that CARHARTT W1P continuously supports the development of underground music, which also makes CARHARTT Street taste more and more. Compared with CARHARTT main line, CARHARTT W1P is more suitable for Asian tailoring

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