do you know the structure of each part of antistatic shoes?

1n order to reduce or remove static electricity in some production workshops of microelectronics industry, such as electronic communication industry, computer industry and integrated circuit industry, anti-static shoes are produced in this way. 1t is usually used in food processing factory, electronic factory workshop, hospital laboratory and so on

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let’s share with you the internal structure of anti-static shoes, which is divided into three parts

vamp: because the skin on the human foot is very delicate, you can’t choose the hard material, which requires better comfort. 1t’s best to use leather and canvas to make the upper. Because leather can’t bear static electricity, it’s very suitable for making. 1t has strong air permeability, won’t stink after wearing for a long time, and has strong three-dimensional processing performance, strong durability and comfortable wearing. Because of its soft texture and affordable price, canvas will not stink after wearing for a long time, so it has become a new favorite in recent years

middle sole: the structure of the middle sole has two layers: the first layer is made of antistatic material, which has the function of antistatic, and the second layer is made of conductive material, which has the function of conducting electricity. The reason for this design is to conduct electricity out, which does not harm people’s health

bottom: at present, the three common materials in the market are PVC, PU and SPU. PVC texture is relatively hard, not easy to deformation, wear-resistant and easy to wear. Now there is a kind of material called SPU, which has high cost performance, between PVC and PU. Pu material is soft, and electrostatic resistance is greater. 1t is recommended that you choose PU material to ensure good anti-static durability

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