Do you need to wear antistatic gloves for self-service refueling

Video: Women’s self-service gas gun on fire

recently, a video with high click rate appeared on the 1nternet. The video shows a woman using a self-service gas machine in a gas station. After finishing her clothes, she pulled the oil gun out of the fuel tank, and the oil gun suddenly caught fire. How did the refueling gun catch fire without any reason? After the later investigation and analysis, it turned out that the static electricity carried by the woman ignited the gasoline vapor volatilized from the refueling gun, which led to the ignition of the refueling gun

is this the case? To this end, the reporter came to Nanchang Hongdu North Avenue a self-service gas station, the gas station staff Ms. Hu told reporters that static electricity caused by the gas gun fire is completely possible” Especially in winter, when the air is dry, there will be more static electricity on the body. Gasoline is volatile and flammable. When the gasoline molecules at the muzzle reach a certain concentration, they may catch fire when they encounter static electricity. Static electricity is a threat to gas stations. We all wear work clothes to isolate static electricity. We can’t change our clothes in the gas filling area, just for fear of static electricity and accidents. ” A gas station staff said

current situation: most drivers don’t pay attention to anti-static

so, what’s their awareness of anti-static at present? The reporter visited several gas stations equipped with self-service gas dispensers in Nanchang and interviewed many citizens who used self-service gas dispensers. When asked whether they knew the harm of static electricity, most people said they didn’t pay attention. Mr. Yang, who is refueling at a gas station on Hongdu North Avenue, told reporters that he has not encountered this kind of situation. He does not know how to eliminate static electricity in the gas station. He only knows that he can’t use mobile phones and smoke when refueling. He doesn’t care much about other problems

Mr. Sheng, who was filling up at a gas station in Nanchang high tech Zone, told the reporter that he knew there was a device to discharge static electricity in the gas station, but if he was in a hurry, he would add it directly and would not care too much about it. However, sometimes, the staff of the gas station will remind him to touch the electrostatic discharge device before refueling

investigation: gas stations are equipped with electrostatic discharge devices

so are gas stations equipped with electrostatic discharge devices? According to a gas station staff told reporters, with the popularity of private cars, now more and more people apply for self-service gas cards, gas station self-service gas dispensers are also equipped with equipment to eliminate static electricity, generally need to first touch the release static electricity button and then refuel. But many times, some drivers are in a hurry, it is easy to ignore this detail, always want us to remind to touch the electrostatic discharge device. The reporter saw in the gas station that in front of the self-service gas dispenser, there were cars constantly coming to refuel. After getting off the car, the driver skillfully inserted the card, cleared the data, and carried the gun to refuel, but rarely touched the equipment to eliminate static electricity

reminder: car owners can prepare anti-static gloves when they have the conditions

how to prevent static electricity when refueling? Mr. Wu, who works in the gas station of the high tech Zone, reminds the public that when filling gas at the gas station, in addition to turning off the engine, not smoking and not using the mobile phone, they should touch the hand shaped sign under the gas dispenser during self-service refueling. After releasing static electricity, they should start to carry the gun for refueling. The gas gun should be lightly touched at the fuel tank port to eliminate static electricity. During refueling, people should not return to the car, To prevent static electricity from getting on the body again, the oil gun should be extended into the oil tank as far as possible to reduce the volatile oil mist during the refueling process. After refueling, please wait for a moment, and then pull out the oil gun when there is no residual oil. People who have the conditions can also keep a pair of anti-static gloves in the car for self-service refueling, so as to ensure the absolute safety of refueling

at the same time, try to avoid wearing polyester, acrylic and other chemical fiber clothing that is easy to rub and electrify when refueling

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