Do you need to wear protective clothing when cooking

This is an era of mass production experts. The opinions and suggestions of experts everywhere are dazzling. Who believes that electromagnetic pollution is harmful to the human body, will affect the nerves, immunity, and even cancer. Below 30 cm, the radiation value is nearly ten times higher. Experts give advice is: the use of induction cooker, the best away from the point! See here 1 feel puzzled, cooking away from the point? Expert, have you ever cooked? This suggestion is not as good as wearing a radiation suit

ridiculous: using induction cooker, stay away from it

who believes that electromagnetic pollution is harmful to human body, which will affect nerves, immunity and even cancer. 1n the laboratory, turn the induction cooker to the maximum position and test at a distance of 30 cm. The positive electromagnetic radiation value is 9.53%, which is lower than the industry recommended standard. Below 30 cm, the radiation value is nearly ten times higher. Expert opinion: the best way to use induction cooker is to stay away from it

electromagnetic pollution refers to natural and man-made electromagnetic interference and harmful electromagnetic radiation. Due to the development of radio, television and microwave technology, the power of radio frequency equipment has doubled, and the electromagnetic radiation on the ground has increased greatly, which has directly threatened human health. The interaction of electric field and magnetic field produces electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic radiation is the phenomenon of electromagnetic wave transmitting into the air or collecting flood. Excessive electromagnetic radiation causes electromagnetic pollution

the harm caused by electromagnetic pollution can not be underestimated. 1n modern families, electromagnetic wave not only benefits people, but also directly or indirectly harms human health with the effect of “electronic smoke”. According to the authoritative Washington Technical Assessment Office, electromagnetic waves generated by household appliances and various wiring are harmful to human tissues and cells. For example, women who sleep with electric blanket for a long time can change their menstrual cycle significantly; Pregnant women who use electric stove frequently can increase the incidence rate of cancer in children after birth. 1n recent 10 years, there are many reports about the damage of electromagnetic wave to human body. According to researchers from the University of Colorado, Denver, where electromagnetic pollution is more serious, has more than twice as many children died of leukemia as other areas. Swedish scholar tomenio found in the study that children living in areas with serious electromagnetic pollution have a large increase in the number of nervous system tumors

the invention tells us that it is harmful. 1t can’t be used this way or that. Since we know that it is harmful, why don’t we try our best to avoid the harm or minimize the harm when we invent it. 1n my opinion, all inventions that are just for convenience without considering the irreversible harm to human body are for profit. 1t’s the profit-making behavior of bad businessmen

harm of electromagnetic radiation

1. Harm of electromagnetic radiation to explosive materials and devices. High level electromagnetic induction and radiation can cause control failure of explosive materials and electric explosive weapons, resulting in accidental explosion

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