do you protect your ears?

The ear consists of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Auditory receptors and position receptors are located in the inner ear, so the ear is also called position receptor. The external ear and the middle ear are also listed as appendages of the acoustic organ. The external ear consists of auricle and external auditory canal. 1n addition, there are ear hair and some glands on the skin of the external auditory canal. The secretion and ear hair of the glands have a certain blocking effect on the entry of foreign bodies such as dust


there is a big hole on the outside of the auricle, which is called the external auditory canal. The auricle is funnel-shaped and can collect external sound waves. Most of it is supported by elastic cartilage under the skin, and the small part below it contains only connective tissue and fat under the skin. This part is called earlobe. Auricle is the site of auricular point therapy and auricular acupuncture anesthesia in clinical application, while earlobe is often used for blood collection

the external ear

the external auditory canal is a curved tube from the external ear door to the tympanic membrane, abou2.5-3.5 cm long, and its skin extends from the auricle. The outer third of the external auditory canal wall is composed of cartilage, and the inner two-thirds of the external auditory canal wall is composed of bone. There are ear hair, sebaceous glands and cerumen glands on the skin of cartilage

the skin of external auditory canal is very sensitive and fragile, closely linked with cartilage, less subcutaneous tissue and poor blood circulation. 1f we do not pay attention to protection and prevention, it is easy to cause external auditory canal injury and infection. 1t causes inflammation and ulceration of the external auditory canal. So as to cause acute otitis media

so if you want to protect your ears, whether it’s work or entertainment, you should do a good job in protecting your ears. Effective methods, such as wearing appropriate earplugs, can play a great role in protecting your ears

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