do you want to wear a mask on the high-speed railway in haze? 1ron always said that

high speed railway through haze

original title: China Railway Corporation responds to the impact of haze weather on High-speed Railway: strengthen equipment maintenance to ensure train operation safety

according to news, the voice of China of the Central People’s broadcasting station and China Communications Radio launched the special live broadcast of “warm home road” Spring Festival transportation in 2017 “departure! “Towards the spring” in Beijing, high-speed rail trains and expressways

recently, a group of pictures of high-speed railway passing through the haze area were hot on the 1nternet. After the high-speed railway from Shanghai to Beijing passed through the haze area, the white high-speed railway became dirty. Does the dirty high-speed railway on the 1nternet really have anything to do with the haze

in response, Huang Xin, deputy director of the operation Department of the Transportation Bureau of China Railway Corporation, said that he also took the train, followed the relevant reports, and pointed out that the continuous severe haze weather will affect the railway power supply system. The particles of haze cover the power supply equipment, which is easy to produce fog flashover, which may affect the power supply and normal operation of the train

some passengers are concerned about the haze situation in the past. From the point of view, do you need to wear masks all the way in the high-speed railway carriage

in this regard, Huang Xin said that everyone’s concern may be “dirty or not”. We are more concerned about safety. We have increased the frequency of maintenance of key running equipment to ensure the safety of train operation in haze days. 1f we have to, we will take the way of slowing down to ensure safety, which may also cause the train to be late, 1 hope the passengers can understand. At the same time, we are concerned about the ventilation system of high-speed railway. The ventilation system of our country’s high-speed railway multiple units is equipped with multi-layer filters, which can physically intercept the dust. The dust concentration inside the car is obviously lower than that outside the car, which fully meets the relevant national standards. We should not worry too much. Due to the high-speed rail multiple units stop more frequently and open and close the door frequently, part of the air outside the train will enter the compartment, sometimes affecting the air quality inside the train

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