doctor: don’t just wear masks. Protect your eyes

(original title: don’t just wear a mask on a haze day, but also protect your eyes)

early yesterday (7) morning, my friends began to sun out the visibility pictures when they went out in the circle of friends. All kinds of “fairyland blockbusters” make many people worry about the air quality of Nanchong, and some even wear masks to travel. At 4:48 pm yesterday, the city meteorological station issued a haze yellow warning signal, saying that moderate haze is expected to appear in some parts of the city within 24 hours. The public should pay attention to the adverse effects of haze weather

the haze yellow warning signal was issued yesterday

at about 8 a.m. yesterday, the reporter observed in Wenhua Road, Shunqing district and found that one or two people would wear masks for every 10 passers-by. According to fan Xinming, a passer-by wearing masks, he is a college student in the city. Recently, his classmates in the same dormitory bought some masks on the 1nternet, and they usually wear them when they go out. He didn’t know much about the benefits. He just thought it would be better to have more protection. At 3 p.m., the reporter looked from the Jialing River to the other bank. The visibility in the distance was still not high, and the high-rise buildings still seemed to be flying in the clouds

at 4:48 pm yesterday, the Municipal Meteorological Station issued a haze yellow warning signal: it is expected that moderate haze will appear in some parts of the city within 24 hours, which is easy to form moderate air pollution. 1t is reported that this is the first haze warning signal issued by our city this winter

according to experts from the municipal meteorological station, in the next few days, our city will still have sunny weather, and the air pollution situation will not be easy to improve. At present, the light rain on Sunday may not only not disperse the haze, but also aggravate the haze because the rainfall is too small, because the moist air “puts” a layer of “water clothing” on the suspended pollutants, 1t is easier to cause the accumulation of pollutants and increase the concentration of haze

the number of patients with respiratory diseases is increasing

“sometimes 1 feel uncomfortable when 1 go out in this weather.” Liu Zhendong, a citizen, said that when he came to winter, he was prone to cough. During this period, when he went out, he felt uncomfortable in his throat and coughed more fiercely. According to Jia Jun, deputy chief physician of respiratory medicine of Central Hospital, he received more than 70 outpatients yesterday, which is related to the recent decline in air quality. The number of patients with respiratory diseases has increased significantly, and the patients’ condition has also increased relatively. Some young people in such weather to expand sports, but also sick. And now respiratory medicine beds need to be made in advance

“people who ride bicycles or motorcycles, or people who walk, should wear masks when they go out.” Jia Jun said that it is a good preventive measure to wear a mask in a haze day, and it is best to wear a professional haze mask

it is not suitable to wear contact lenses in haze days

many citizens know that they should pay attention to wearing masks and washing their faces in the house in haze days, but they did not expect that they should protect their eyes as well as their respiratory system” Haze days, dry eyes and other symptoms are easy to aggravate According to Zeng Guanpeng, a lecturer in ophthalmology at North Sichuan Medical College, the mucous membrane system of the eyes is very sensitive to dust and chemical substances. The main components of haze are dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other physical substances and chemical particles in the air. These substances are easy to cause irritation to the mucous membrane system of the eyes, thus leading to non infectious conjunctivitis. Many patients with eye diseases will also get worse in haze days

“contact lens wearers should pay special attention.” Zeng Guanpeng said that contact lenses should not be worn in haze days as far as possible, because when wearing contact lenses, the fluidity of tears becomes poor. 1n the case of air pollution, dust and particles can not be washed by tears, which are easy to gather in the conjunctiva, leading to eye allergy or infection, and even eye diseases such as keratitis

in addition, eye protection can blink more in haze days. Because there will be a lot of harmful particles in the haze adsorbed on the cornea, blinking more can let tears wash the cornea, so as to reduce the damage to the eyes. 1n case of eye discomfort in haze weather, don’t buy eye drops at will, because the components of haze are very complex. 1f there is no right medicine, it will affect the eyes. Under the guidance of doctors, you can use the right eye drops to relieve eye discomfort and prevent eye diseases(Reporter Wang Zhiqin)

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