Doctors are protected like miners

The frequent violence in domestic hospitals once again touched the fragile doctor-patient relationship. However, in the United States, although violence against medical staff occurs occasionally, the doctor-patient relationship is generally good. 1n 2010, the proportion of violent attacks on general doctors was only 0.2/100000

the United States protects doctors as well as miners. 1n the United States, miners belong to high-risk industries. 1n order to ensure their safety, mining companies not only buy high insurance for them every year, but also arm their teeth with safety protection: helmets, miner’s lamps and protective glasses are essential, and they are also equipped with self-help equipment. The safety status of medical practitioners is the same as that of miners and other high-risk occupations, which is verified and managed by the occupational safety and health administration of the Ministry of labor. Every year, the Ministry of labor publishes the annual book of industrial injuries and diseases, which includes the occupational diseases and diseases that the practitioners may encounter. The labor relations act of the United States also clearly stipulates that hospitals must formulate and implement measures for employees to avoid workplace violence, or they will be fined

as the hospital, the hospital has taken a series of measures to protect doctors. The first is to strengthen the security system, such as networked video monitoring system, electronic access control system, integrated security system and visitor management system. Some hospitals even install metal detectors to check whether patients and visitors carry guns and other weapons. Since 2011, the security departments of more and more hospitals in the United States have increased their budgets for security systems, and nearly 70% of medical staff say that their hospitals have redesigned their security plans. At the same time, the hospital hired security guards. 1n case of violence, the hospital security will arrive at the scene of the accident for the first time to stop, which has prevented the occurrence of violence to a great extent

secondly, external protection alone is still not enough. 1n order to prevent and respond to violence, professional institutions in the United States began to train medical staff to master the first aid methods of workplace violence and shooting, and help them learn to protect themselves at a critical moment. The California Hospital Association alone organized about 17 8-hour training sessions for doctors, nurses, managers and receptionists in member hospitals to help them learn how to protect themselves and their patients

thirdly, the proportion of medical violence in the United States has decreased year by year. An important reason is that the United States has invested a huge amount of insurance premiums for medical practitioners. 1n the event of a medical accident, the insurance company will bear all the compensation, so as to avoid the worries of patients and their families. Most patients and their families will voluntarily give up “entanglement” with hospitals and doctors after receiving the compensation. When there is a major medical accident, the doctor’s license will be revoked

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