Doctors recommend wearing protective gloves for cracked hands

“My hands are peeling and cracking every season. 1t’s very painful and difficult to do housework.” Recently, Ms. Lin asked the doctor for help

at this time three years ago, Ms. Lin found that her hands began to peel from the pulp of her fingers. At that time, she just got married. The couple often ate out and didn’t care much about housework. Until Ms. Lin gave birth to a child, often give the child a bath, wash clothes, hands peeling, cracking situation is more serious, every autumn and winter season will attack

the doctor said it was “housewife’s hand”. According to Gong Li, director of Dermatology Department of the first municipal hospital, cracks in the hands and feet are medically known as chapped hands and feet, which often occur in dry seasons such as winter and spring. 1n addition to genetic and physical reasons, it is also related to outdoor work and housework

Gong Li suggests: first, avoid direct contact with irritants with both hands; Second, wear protective gloves when washing; Third, after washing, wash hands repeatedly with water, and then apply hand cream with moisturizing and activating functions; Fourth, patients with serious diseases must go to regular hospitals

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