Does it work to wear a mask in haze?

With the increase of haze, masks have become a must-have to go out. Now there are many kinds of mask products in the market, most of which claim to have dust-proof and haze prevention functions, and have good filtering effect on fine particulate matter such as PM2.5. Do these masks work as described? How to choose the right mask

test results –

the filtration effects of different materials are very different; The protective performance is not proportional to the price

recently, the China Consumer Association, together with the consumer associations (committees) of five provinces and cities, conducted comparative tests on the filtering effect, respiratory resistance, leakage and other protective performance of mask products on the market. P1 Xiaolin, deputy director of the consumer guidance department of the China Consumer Association, said that the samples of the comparative test came from Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Chongqing, Ningbo, Harbin and other six cities, a total of 37 samples, involving 28 mask production and distribution enterprises; The price of masks ranges from 0.58 yuan to 199 yuan

the filtration effect of different masks on particulate matter was tested by testing the “filtration efficiency”. After testing, 15 of 37 mask samples had better initial filtration efficiency, accounting for 40.5%. The filtering effect of disposable mask is better than that of replaceable filter cloth mask. The test results of some knitted gauze masks sold in some small commodity markets show that their haze prevention effect is poor, and they can only filter larger particles

according to the introduction, the protective effect of the mask is closely related to the fit between the mask and the face when wearing. The fit between the mask and the face is poor, the air outside the mask is easy to enter into the mask from the edge of the mask, and the protection performance is poor. The results showed that the fit performance of disposable cup mask and disposable folding mask was much better than that of disposable flat mask and replaceable filter cloth mask. Among the 15 disposable cup-shaped masks and folding masks, 12 of them fit well with the face

in this comparative test, the most expensive mask samples were 199 yuan each, and the cheapest ones were less than 1 yuan each. 1t is found that the protective performance of the mask is out of proportion to the price. Compared with disposable mask, the replaceable filter cloth mask is not only more expensive, but also less protective than disposable mask

Market Research –

the mask market is mixed, and the relevant departments should standardize the production and sales of masks as soon as possible

it is worth noting that the sample specifications and models of comparative test are various, including those marked with mask size and those made by manufacturers themselves; There are 24 samples marked with production date; The validity period of 24 samples was marked, generally three or five years. The production date and validity period of 12 samples were not found. 1n addition, there are no relevant product standards for anti haze or anti PM2.5 masks, and there are many kinds of standards for the nominal implementation of sample masks: there are 16 samples that implement gb2626-2006 “respiratory protective equipment – self priming filter anti particulate respirator”; The samples of 2 masks were in accordance with the technical requirements for medical protective masks (GB 19083-2003), and the samples of 2 masks were in accordance with the hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products (GB 15979); Four samples are in accordance with the enterprise standard; Other samples are in accordance with American N1OSH standard

the reporter visited an e-commerce website and found that there are various kinds of nominal anti haze masks, some of which are labeled as N90, N95, 8210 and other different models; Some of them can be divided into folding type, cup type and flat type in appearance, and some claim to have activated carbon filter or with breathing valve. Consumers often have no choice for these professional standards, certification and classification labels

in response to this phenomenon, Zhang Hong, deputy chief physician of respiratory and critical care medicine department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that medical masks can be divided into two types: one is medical protective mask, which can filter out 0.24 mm in diameter based on aerosol ± For 0.06 μ m aerosol, the effective rate is 95% for aerosol with diameter of 0.3, that is to say, N95 mask, the inspiratory resistance is about 300 PA, and the breathing is blocked. One is a medical surgical mask, which is mainly used to prevent bacteria. With Staphylococcus as the reference, the protection efficiency is more than 90%, and for 0.3 micron aerosol, the protection efficiency is 30%. For PM2.5 particles with a diameter o2.5 microns, it also has the function of protection

Zhang Hong said that the number marked on the back of N series masks is the filtration efficiency. For example, the filtration efficiency of N95 mask is 95%, and that of n99 mask is 99%. The mask with breathing valve can only reduce the resistance of breathing and make breathing more smooth. On the surface, medical protective masks have a structure that can closely fit the face, including arched or folded arched ones, and nose clips to ensure a close fit with the face and prevent leakage

“however, to distinguish the type of mask, we should not only look at the shape of the mask, but also read the product description and product name. For example, according to the national regulations, the labeling of medical protective masks conforms to the national standard number of gb19083, and the labeling of medical surgical masks conforms to the medical standard number of yy0469. ” Zhang Hong said

in view of the phenomenon of mixed use, concept hype, partial generalization and false publicity in the mask market, the China Consumer Association suggests that the relevant departments of the state regulate the production and sales of mask products as soon as possible, speed up the revision and improvement of relevant standards, promote technological innovation of enterprises, improve product quality, and provide consumers with high-quality protective products< According to the expert's suggestion, the mask should be worn in the haze weather, and the medical surgical mask is economical and practical, and will not increase the respiratory burden. Zhang Hong pointed out: “the mask must be worn in the haze weather, so the medical surgical mask can play a protective effect, and the respiratory resistance is relatively small. Anti haze professional mask, can replace the filter paper, can also play a protective role in terms of economy and practicality, Zhang Hong recommends using medical surgical masks to prevent haze weather. Zhang Hong said that the medical surgical mask is a bit similar to the ordinary disposable mask, but it is different from the material used in the disposable ordinary mask. Although there is a nose clip to help the mask stick to the bridge of the nose, there is no close fit between the mask and the face. The inspiratory resistance is 50 PA, and the expiratory resistance is 29 Pa. The breathing is relatively smooth. Medical surgical masks belong to medical devices, which can be bought in hospitals and pharmacies. Medical surgical masks will be marked on the package, and the price is much cheaper than N95 masks how to wear it correctly? Zhang Hong suggested that when wearing a mask, first of all, the mask should fit the face of the human body, the N95 clip and nose should be attached, and the wire of the medical surgical mask should be adjusted to be close to the bridge of the nose, so as to prevent air from entering the body directly without the mask. When removing the mask, do not touch the inner surface of the mask with hands to prevent contamination. 1f the filter element needs to be replaced, the mask should be thrown away, which will not play a protective role after pollution the comparative test of China Consumer Association found that different types of masks had different respiratory resistance. 1t’s hard to have both haze prevention and comfort with a mask. P1 Xiaolin suggested that when the weather is bad, people with respiratory diseases or the elderly had better stay at home, close the doors and windows, and do not go out. Children should not wear masks too long, the size of masks should be suitable for children’s face, and the respiratory resistance of masks should not be large “patients with cor pulmonale, chronic bronchitis and asthma can’t breathe smoothly. Professional protective masks will increase the burden of breathing, so they can’t wear them.” Zhang Hong also reminded that when wearing professional protective masks, do not exercise, otherwise it is easy to cause hypoxia our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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