Does maternity clothing really protect against radiation?

can your maternity clothes protect against radiation? This is a popular greeting among expectant mothers. However, the anti radiation maternity wear on the market has many different functions and prices, which makes people confused

“radiation threat” it is said that pregnant women pay for “peace of mind”

Ms. Li, who lives in shuangtasi street, Taiyuan City, is an editor of a newspaper in Taiyuan city. Due to work needs, she sits in front of the computer for 8 hours every day. Recently pregnant with a baby, in the “past” proposal, Ms. Li bought a piece of pregnant women radiation clothing, hoping to reduce the impact of computer radiation on the baby

like Ms. Li, many women of childbearing age and expectant mothers are also affected by the “radiation threat” spread through various channels, and they all focus on the anti radiation maternity clothes. 1n some baby pregnancy stores next to hospitals, baby pregnancy counters in shopping malls, and virtual baby pregnancy stores on business websites, anti radiation maternity clothing is becoming a hot trend

recently, Shanxi Daily has been receiving phone calls. Readers have doubts about this kind of anti radiation maternity clothing which is not very different from ordinary clothing. The reporter inquires on the network forum, to this question, the netizen has different opinions, but the most is actually “to buy home is mostly for peace of mind”

the price of protective clothing is high, and the materials are “high-tech”

the reporter visited many stores of baby and pregnancy products in Taiyuan in recent days, and found that these stores have special counters for radiation-proof pregnant women’s clothing, and there is an endless stream of people asking and buying

in a baby pregnancy store next to Shanxi maternal and child health care hospital, the reporter said that she wanted to buy anti radiation maternity clothes. A salesgirl pointed to a row of clothes marked with “anti radiation” and said: “this is a dress style. 1t uses silver ion anti radiation material, which is light and fashionable, and has the best anti radiation effect; According to the reporter’s interview, there are three kinds of anti radiation maternity wear on the market: metal coating (or nano anti radiation layer) series, gold filament (or nano anti radiation material) blended series and the latest silver ion fiber series. The price of anti radiation maternity clothing is also very high. The price of full protection maternity clothing ranges from 400 yuan to 700 yuan. The price of silver ion fiber full protection maternity clothing is as high as 1000 yuan. The price of semi protection maternity clothing, such as vest, apron and belly bag, ranges from 200 yuan to 400 yuan. 1n the promotion of business, all will be radiation pregnant women’s wear as “high-tech products”, “industry famous brand”. 1n order to show that its anti radiation effect is good, some so-called brand maternity wear is also under the test and certification of a certain organization, claiming that the barrier rate of all kinds of radiation is as high as 99.9%

in addition to the anti radiation effect, anti radiation maternity clothes are also promoted to have other advantages. 1n a baby pregnancy store near Taiyuan maternal and child health care hospital, the clerk strongly recommended a kind of anti radiation maternity clothing to the reporter, saying that its fabric has excellent inhibitory effect on common pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans. The assistant explained: “in the fetal forming period, once exposed to electromagnetic radiation, it may affect the intellectual development, and seriously lead to congenital diseases!” The reporter was very surprised and hoped that the other side would introduce the principle of radiation affecting the fetus in more detail. The salesgirl replied awkwardly: “1 don’t know exactly what particle or ray it is, but you also know that electronic products have radiation, and our clothes can be protected from radiation as long as it is!”< 1n order to verify the effect of anti radiation maternity clothing, most consumers have adopted the "local method": wrap the mobile phone in the anti radiation maternity clothing, wait for half a minute to make a call, and then judge the radiation barrier ability of the clothing according to whether there is a telephone signal or the strength of the signal. This "method" has been recommended by businesses and has become the most popular test method in the market there are also businesses that provide a more intuitive test method: connect a spherical glass lamp that is said to be a microwave radiometer to the power supply, and the glass lamp starts to flash. The businesses block the anti radiation pregnant woman between the spherical surface and the test pen, and the test pen does not respond. Then she changes into another ordinary dress, and the indicator light of the test pen lights up. The businessman explained that this is the effect of radiation protection materials to isolate rays< However, professionals say that neither of the two tests is enough to prove that its efficacy is as well publicized. Shielding off cell phone signals does not mean completely blocking or absorbing radiation. The frequency range of mobile phone is between 380 MHz and 2700 MHz, which belongs to medium frequency long wave. 1n real life, the frequency of electromagnetic wave is different. Using mobile phone detection can only show that anti radiation maternity clothing can block part of the radiation within certain wavelength range, and can not simply determine the effect of anti radiation clothing. For the test of spherical radiometer, if the electric pen is not on, it does not mean that there is no radiation, because when making a phone call or watching TV, the electric pens around it will not be on there is no national standard yet, be careful of superstition and harm yourself to what extent can anti radiation maternity clothing protect against radiation? 1ndustry and Commerce Department said that the current market in the sale of anti radiation maternity wear, only enterprise standards, the state has not issued relevant standards, its protection performance can not be measured and supervised. The staff of the Provincial Consumer Association told reporters that in the complaints that have been accepted, the anti radiation pregnant women’s wear sellers who have accepted the investigation all admit that the publicity is exaggerated Suo Yuping, deputy chief obstetrician of Shanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, said: “at present, there is no clinical data to prove how harmful radiation in ordinary living environment and working environment is to the fetus, so it is impossible to know how much damage can be reduced by anti radiation maternity clothing. The claimed 99.9% protection rate of anti radiation maternity clothing has no practical value and can only mislead pregnant women. “ in view of the statement that some businesses claim that the anti radiation maternity clothes they sell use the loop composed of metal fibers in the clothing to generate induced current, and the induced current generates reverse electromagnetic field for shielding, the reporter called the chemical and light section of the 1nspection 1nstitute of Taiyuan Bureau of quality and technical supervision, and the staff told the reporter: “the shielding effect of metal is its natural attribute. According to the weaving method of clothing and cloth, there is generally no ring current. 1f the current generates a reverse magnetic field, the electromagnetic wave generated can not be identified as harmless to the human body. ” 1n the world, there is no scientific experiment to prove how much radiation is harmful to human body; Radiation protective clothing can block certain electromagnetic radiation, but its effect can not be defined exactly it is more important for mothers to be considerate of their babies, and scientific protection is more important for people who have been in the high pressure field for a long time, especially for mothers to be who are pregnant with babies, how to do a good job of protection in their daily life Suo Yuping said that at present, there is no national standard for radiation protection maternity clothing, and it is very difficult to formulate the standard. At present, there is no scientific experiment to prove the harm of electromagnetic wave to human body. Although animal experiments show that electromagnetic wave has certain harm to animal nervous system, brain tissue and immune system, it can not be simply said that it has the same harm to human body she said that expectant mothers must pay attention to the “practicability” of anti radiation maternity clothes when they buy them. They should not only be able to prevent radiation, but also have the basic properties of clothes, such as warmth retention, elasticity and washability. When protecting, expectant mothers should keep a certain distance from the electronic radiation source, and should not be exposed to the radiation source for a long time. Especially for pregnant women with video screen operation, it is generally advocated that they should leave the radiation source after 20 minutes of video screen operation, so as to achieve the protection effect in time. After video screen operation, including watching TV, wash your face to reduce radioactive dust contamination Suo Yuping finally reminded that anti radiation maternity clothes can not block X-ray. Therefore, for pregnant women, medical X-ray or CT examination is not advocated. 1f doctors think it is necessary to examine, pregnant women must use medical lead protective clothing to protect their non irradiated parts, especially their abdomen

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